Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lunasol Eye Shadow Palette Swatches

Dear Elaine loaned her favourite Lunasol eye shadow palettes to me to try out along time ago. Thanks Elaine! I am so sorry that it took me such a long time to get around posting these.

Lunasol eye shadow palettes come is a rose bronze plastic casing. It is light and comes with two applicators, one sponge and one brush.

(Description taken from Lunasol Website)

The scene of a boundless ocean will be released once the palette is opened.

This is a four-color eye shadow set that captures the various aspects of the ocean.

Adopts Soft Powder Formula, which delivers a moist, smooth texture, and recreates the ocean’s wateriness and clarity with Ocean Nuance Color.

Makes the eyes look so beautiful and creates highly translucent and wet-looking eyes.

01 Warm Ocean

05 Colourful Ocean

(Description taken from Lunasol Website)

A five-color eye shadow set that creates fantastical and mystical eyes — like a shimmering aurora in the night sky.

After layering four colors with different types of luster, applying "Aurorized Color" with a fingertip creates a beautiful shimmer, as if the eyelids were embracing the lights.

Experience a never-seen attractive nuance produced by a multitude of colors and luster.

03 Gentle Variation

I found these eye shadows to be sheer and shimmery. I'm not totally in love with the textures although I must say I liked how the Gentle Variation palette turned out. For the above look I used all the shades in the palette. Gentle Variation is a good palette where I can create both a day look and a smoky dark green look.

I think in general Lunasol eye shadow palettes for ladies who like sheerer colours. They are great for everyday use and I must say they last very well throughout the day.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks


  1. Hi Jacq,
    I agree with what you say! Lunasol has very nice shimmer but the pigmentation is not really there. Itg's nice for ladies who like sheer eyeshadows :)

    1. Exactly Meryl, I like my shadows to pack a punch. That is why I don't usually buy Japanese brand eye shadows but Suqqu is one brand that blew me out of the water.

  2. I've never even heard of this brand! The packaging is so pretty. But I would pass on it... I don't wear a ton of color and prefer more understated shimmer... plus, I don't really love sheerness for eyeshadow.

    1. Hey Catherine, thanks for leaving me a comment. Lunasol is a Japanese brand, quite popular with Asian ladies because of the pretty shimmer and sheer textures. Personally I prefer my shadows more pigmented.

  3. For everyday looks, i love my Lunasol palette. It doesn't crease nor smudge (with primer of cos) and is so easy to use and create that natural look i'm comfortable with sporting to the office.

    1. Joy, there is a certain charm with Lunasol palettes. I do agree that they are very easy to use and would look great for office wear.


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