Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jill Stuart Blush Blossom 03 Lady Amaryllis Swatches and Review

I was given a sample of Jill Stuart's Blush Blossom in Lady Amaryllis to try. (Thanks Elaine!) I've honestly have not had much luck with Jill Stuart cosmetics. Yes they are very princessy and kawaii but they just doesn't suit me. I owned their Mix Blush Compact in Rose Bloom for a while but promptly sold it off because the pigment was too sheer and the colour not quite suitable for me.

So this post doesn't come with a picture of the very pretty packaging but you can find it here.

So basically Blush Blossom is a loose blush that comes packaged with two shades. A blush and a highlighter shade.

These are very soft and finely milled and have a slight floral fragrance.

I love the highlighter colour! Look at the pretty shimmer.

The tissue swatches and pretty pigmented but as you can see it is a soft and subtle shade. I still stand by what I said a long time ago, I feel that the blush shades tend to suit the fairer ladies more than the darker ones.

Lady Amaryllis showed up on my cheeks. I mixed both together for a rosy flush. Because of the texture, I used my stiffer MAC blush brush instead of my super soft Hakuhodo one. Big mistake because it showed up quite strong on my cheeks, I had to eventually use a tissue to gently wipe off the excess and mute it.

The texture is silky and fine. It did not last the whole day though. After about 4 hours the colour began to fade off.

This blush has a subtle floral scent in case any one is interested. It is quite pleasant.

As much as I like it, I do not think I'll be buying myself a full tub to use. I'm just not into the brand like I am used to. But for ladies who love your make up to be kawaii and super pretty, it is worth checking out.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks


  1. I love Jill Stuart's packaging but the price point is definitely too high. Like you, I could never get myself to buy the blushes because they're so shimmery.

    1. Kristie, I just can't abide the formula. It it just to sheer for my taste.

  2. Hi dear,
    I have few Jill Stuart products. I don't like things that are too kawaii too but Jill Stuart packaging seems cute to me haha. But anyway I don't think I will be buying more of them.
    Anyway I love the highlighting color, it looks shimmery and lovely :)


    1. I bought one eons ago and sold it away, it just didn't work for me. I prefer sleek packaging any day.


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