Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sponsored Post: Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse

I was contacted by the kind folks at Skin Street about a month ago, they asked if I would be interested in trying out their Sonic Cleanse. I have my own Clarisonic Mia which I love and use twice daily. Clarisonic Mia costs SGD $249 in Singapore, so the Sonic Cleanse at SGD $98 is the more affordable version and accessible version for ladies who want to try a cleansing system but don't want to invest in something you are not sure you will like.

(Information taken from the Skin Street website)

The Sonic Cleanse Skincare System vibrates at a frequency of more than 300 oscillations per second, effectively cleansing, clarifying & stimulating the skin.
2x better cleansing
8x more exfoliation
6x more make up removal
50% more absorption
Safe for all skin types
Fast; noticeable results, Portable; waterproof, No charging required

The Sonic Cleanse comes with quite a few attachments. Each has its own use.

The above brush is for normal skins. I honestly found this to be too rough on my skin. My face was quite red after using this, I prefer using the one below which is for sensitive skins.

The attachment above is for applying moisturizer on my face.

(Taken from Skin Street website)

After cleansing, attach the Sponge Applicator to the unit and then apply your moisturizer to your skin using small, circular motions to improve your skin's absorption of your moisturizer to the applicator.

Turn on the unit and gently press the applicator to your skin. Liberally, but gingerly, apply your moisturizer to your skin using small, circular motions to improve your skin's absorption of your moisturizer. The Sponge Applicator can also be used as an Exfoliation Applicator. Apply your exfoliating cleanser on the applicator and gently cleanse the skin in small, circular motions.

This is a wrinkle reducer.

(Taken from Skin Street website)

In addition to giving your skin a deep cleanse like never before, you can also relax your facial muscle tension with our specially designed wrinkle reducer. Attach the wrinkle reducer attachment to your unit, turn it on and press the massaging surface to the problem areas such as fine lines, crow's feet and laugh lines, etc.

The Sonic Cleanses uses 2 AAA batteries. It is portable and easy to carry around. I am wary about getting the whole thing wet though. I'm not sure if it would cause a short circuit. I usually take out the bristle attachment to wash and wipe the Sonic Cleanse dry.

The Sonic Cleanse vibrates whereas the Clarisonic Mia makes tiny movements with the bristles. There is only one speed.

I section my face into 4 parts. The forehead, chin, the left and right cheek area. I count to 60 for each area. I wouldn't advise anyone to use the Sonic Cleanse for too long.

I didn't find the other attachments quite as useful. I feel that the vibration of the wrinkle reducer is slightly too strong to use around the fine lines around my eye area so I didn't attempt to use it much. Besides I don't really have wrinkles yet. 

At SGS $98, this is an inexpensive option as compared to the Clarisonic Mia, as such, it does not come with the bells and whistles of the Clarisonic Mia. It still does a great job of cleansing my face although for sensitive skins may I suggest you only use it once a day instead of the normal twice a day until you get used to it. Take care to clean the bristles well because a dirty brush isn't going to be good for your skin.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks (inexpensive but cannot quite match up to the Clarisonic Mia)

Good news everyone, want to try this at a even cheaper cost? Use the discount code jacq31xmas and you get to enjoy a 31% discount off the brands stated. Offer ends on the 31st December 2012.

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Happy shopping!


  1. I have something similar to the Sonic one you mentioned. I don't use it regularly but when I do, my skin feels tortured but the next day I see the results are very incredible :p I do want to invest in a Clarasonic someday =)

    1. If you want a quality cleanser the Clarisonic is the way to go honestly, perhaps I have thicker skin but I never felt that it was too rough on my skin.

  2. This is a nice post. I don't have clarisonic mia as it's too expensive for me. This sounds a pretty good alternative that I might try :)

  3. This is a nice post! I don't have Clarisonic Mia as it's too expensive for me. This sounds pretty good for trying out the product! I agree that the brush for normal skin looks quite rough, the sensitive brush looks better.

    xx Meryl

    1. Meryl this is an affordable alternative for you to test out.


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