Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nordstrom and haul!

These came for me just in time for Christmas! The boxes were huge!

I finally couldn't resist getting my hands on the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill palette in No. 6 Boudior. I fell in love with the textures of the Clinique serums during a recent Clinique Christmas workshop. There was a GWP so I simply had to take advantage of it.

Look at the amazing GWP! Most of it is going to my mom but I'm definitely keeping the pretty makeup bag.

DH wanted to buy some gifts for his colleagues so I took advantage of a 20% discount to get some gifts. Shipping for these were so expensive because the items were humongous. I had to pay SGD$60 for shipping. I'm not sure if I truly got a good deal. See the space wastage!

USD $28.80

USD $40 each
Reviews soon!


  1. AHhhh.. Beautiful Crabtree & Evelyn :) Love their floral packaging!! and look at the Giorgio Armani Boudoir! Such a great haul!!

    xx meryl

    1. Meryl the Clinique items were my best buys I think. GA Boudoir is beautiful.

  2. Woah the boxes are really huge! But what an exciting moment to receive them! ;)

    Btw, how much was the shipping for your Nordstrom haul? I placed my very first order at Nordstrom a few days ago. Am holding my breath for the shipping cost.

    1. Usually my Nordstrom shipping costs between $25-$30. What did you buy sweetie?

    2. LMdB Eye Kaleidoscope!!! *rubbing hands* Hehe...

  3. Babe, try comgateway next round. They do repacking so can save space and money.


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