Monday, December 24, 2012

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill 4 Color Eyeshadow Palette No.. 6 Boudior Swatches and Reviews

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill quads is another one of those items I have to have. I couldn't wait for these to appear in Singapore and had it ordered from Nordstrom.

The quad comes in an unusually shaped black lacquer casing. It is lovely to look at and I love the sleek black colour. I think its plastic and is very lightweight. Mine however does not feel as sturdy as my Burberry or Tom Ford quad. I'm somewhat disappointed by the quality of the casing.

There are two levels, when you flip it up, you see the sponge applicators hidden inside.

The top three colours are beautiful and pigmented. As you can see, the darkest shade is a bit of a disappointment. I seriously wonder if I received a dud.

Check out Best Things in Beauty's swatches of Boudoir and tell me what you think. Does the dark brown look similar in quality?

These were very lovely to apply. They adhered well on my lids without creasing or fading. They blended well together and the darkest shade though the least pigmented showed up nicely on my lids.

Here is a simply day look I did.

I applied the second shade from the top, a satiny beige shade all over my lids.

Next, I applied the third shade from the top, a rusty plum brown shade on my outer corners blending inwards.

Then used the matte dark brown shade, using the thin sponge applicator I applied this on the outer corners and winged it out slightly.

I used my Chanel black eye liner to line my eyes and smudged it.

Finally I added my trusty Ardells 108.


Giorgio Armani UV Master Primer
Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foudation
Giorgio Armani Microfil Loose Powder

Le Metier de Beaute Blush Kaleidoscope
Dior bronzer in Zenith

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Gorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Eye Shadow Palette Boudoir
Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Waterproof mascara
Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof eye liner

Random Stila lipliner
Giorgio Armani Roouge d'Armani 512

Ratings: 3++ lipsticks


  1. Replies
    1. You are welcome Shes Chic, thanks for dropping by. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Best Things in Beauty's swatch of the darkest shade is so much richer. I think its definitely worth checking with Nordstrom if they can send you replacement! :(
    Other than that, so so so beautiful! I love the two shimmery shades especially the rose gold one. Did you pick up any other ETK palette? :)

    1. Gwen, I know, I saw her swatches and that is why I bought it. This is the only palette I picked out, I will want to check out the local counter and swatch the others before I decide whether to buy another palette. By the way Gwen Merry Christmas!

    2. Merry Christmas to you and your family too! Hope you had lots of good food, great company and very nice presents lol! :D

      Nordstrom seems pretty good with returns/exchanges but the tricky bit is the international shipping cost. Maybe if you can show them that the item you got is a dud then you could convince them to either just send you another one or pay for the return shipping? Either way I'm sure they should be able to do something :( Good luck!

  3. Hello Jacqueline!! Its good to hear euu ve got the palette! Guess what!! I popped over DFS last week Hoping to get my itchy fingers on some swatches BUT the palette is not in Singapore YET!! i asked the kind SA but even she wasnt sure when It was gonna arrive- ohnoooo...

    Anyways, oh..i can imagine excitement turning to curious disappointment regarding boudoir!! I agree with Gwen above, maybe nordstrom could send euu a new palette and make some arrangements!! If euu really feel smths not right, its worth checking with them given the pricey value of e palettes!!

    Meanwhile, MERRY CHRISTMAS in advance and have a pleasant celebration with your loved ones!!:)

    1. Hey YJ, aw... the quads are not in yet? What a bummer! Hm... thanks for the encouragement YJ and Gwen, I'll email Nordstrom about it and see what they say. I didn't think about exchanging it and I had it for about 3 weeks now, I hope it will be okay. Merry Christmas my dear I hope you will have a wonderful Christmas too!

  4. Your look is lovely :) Shame about the darkest shade though, Best Things in Beauty's swatches do look a lot heavier but I still think the darkest brown looks a bit dry in her swatch as well.

    1. Thank you Replica, I was really hoping in would be almst creamy like the rest, ah well.


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