Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bangkok - The Food Edition

Food in Bangkok is relatively cheaper than in Singapore. Other than Thai food which I absolutely adore, Japanese restaurants are everywhere. The most famous being Fuji which serves fresh and fantastic food. Enjoy the pictures.

I am in love with Phad Thai and mango sticky rice which unfortunately I did not take a picture of.
Siam Paragon is a food lovers paradise. So many eateries and so little time to visit all of them. We went to a lovely Thai restaurant called MannA.

Soft Shell crabs

Cod Fish with soy sauce

Glass noodles with river prawns

Can I just say that the salmon sashimi was extremely delectable. I love salmon and this plate was chunky and so so fresh.

Lovely lamb chops
Other food sightings. I love my desserts and these just caught my eye.

Ice cream shaped like ornaments and presents
Couture cupcakes

Ok embarrassing admission here, I literally squealed when I saw a Krispy Kreme shop. We don't get them in Singapore and I have been dying to try one.

You know what, after trying them out I was a little let down. I guess they would have been better if I bought them in the morning. The chocolate one was nice though.

These are cotton candy balls! I bought them for my DS.

Anyway our hotel stay didn't come with a buffet breakfast so we made our own every morning. This is what our spread looks like.


  1. Oh gosh, I am getting SO hungry looking at your pictures! :P ESPECIALLY craving salmon sashimi and breakfast foods now. haha!

    1. After eating salmon sashimi in Bangkok nothing else can measure up.

  2. OMG did you have to do this to me? Sure I just binge-ate for 2 days, but NOTHING beats Phad Thai, sushi, and noodles! I'll probably spend the next two hours plotting to lay my hands on all those!

    1. I'm still continuing with my binge eating, oh no!

  3. Jacq, the plain glazed Krispy Kremes are by far the best! There's something in the glaze which is so good and the donut taste really shines through rather than being overpowered with too much sugar like the other flavours. All the plain-ish ones with glaze are better than the filled ones imo - there's one with maple glaze which is quite good as well. But they are coming to Singapore so you can try the glaze ones then :)

    1. Oh yeah good to hear Krispy Kreme will be coming to Sg, then I get a chance to taste them again. I'm sure to get the glaze ones next time.


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