Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sponsored: Make Up For Ever Holodiam Collection 2012 Holodiam Powder Review

Here is a I created using one of the Make Up For Ever Holodiam powders.

I created is a day friendly look with a little less bling using No. 302.

I used my Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Color in Gold as an all over lid colour. Then I used Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes (pencil form) in 2L (brown) on the outer corner of my eyes and smudged inwards. Using an eye shadow brush I picked up some Holodiam powder and pressed them onto my lids. Right at the centre of my lids to be exact. Finally added my trusty black liquid liner. I really like adding the Holodiam powders on the centre of my lids. It gives it an added dimension.

I find the Holodiam powders to be very fine. Totally not gritty at all. With a good creamy base such as the MUFE Aqua Eyes or Aqua Shadows, the powders are able to stick onto my lids with very little fall out. I wore this for my dance class and after three sessions of dance classes I did not find any fallout under my lids so a big yay.

I would suggest that you use a needle to poke through the sifter to control the amount of powder that comes out of the tub. Really less is more when using the powder. 

Here is a picture tutorial from Make Up For Ever showing a totally blinged out look. I must try this out one day.

I am very impressed with this Holodiam powders. It is perfect for the holiday season especially if you are not adverse to some bling. For day looks, just be more restrained when you are applying these powders. They are multi-purpose powders, you can add them to your nail polish, dab them a little on your lips, use as a glitter liner too. They are very fine, so safe to wear on your eye lids. I wear contacts and have not experienced any discomfort.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. They look very pretty on you, I wear contacts too so am always worried about these types of products so its good news that you got no problem from them :) x

    1. Hey Replica, you should definitely check these out.


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