Thursday, October 4, 2012

Food For Thought - A great place for breakast

This is my first post on cool places to eat in Singapore. DH brought us to Food For Thought for brunch two Sundays ago. I liked it so much, we went back again the following week.

We went to the one at Botanic Gardens. I love the place, not only do we get good food, we can also take a walk around the garden and lose a few calories.

The interior is spacious and the seating area a little reminiscent of a school tuck shop. Many areas where you share your seating with other guests and also individual seating areas.

Great little playground for the little ones. The kids can also run around and play outside while they wait for you to finish your food.

DS drawing out his idea of a game in paper
 The dessert section is delectable. The mini cupcakes are yummy. 

My cranberry scone for breakfast
I am a noob I tell you. I do a post about a cafe and I forget to take pictures of food! (Slaps forehead!) Anyway, the food is standard fare. DS likes their $8 pancakes which are fluffy and comes with gula melaka syrup instead of the normal maple syrup. The $5 chicken laksa  is gorgeous too. Great food at affordable prices.

I always insist on taking a walk around so here are some pictures of the Singapore Botanical Gardens. 

So sunny!

DH and DS goofing around
The famous Tembusu tree found on our $5 dollar note


  1. It has been a while since I last stepped into Botanical Garden, abt time to revisit. Hehe

    1. Ruby, you must go. I'm silly but I hug that Tembusu tree every time I go see it. ;) There is so much history and significance to that tree, what a treasure it is.

  2. I have this little dream - it's a little silly and you can hear 50 years of feminism being flushed down the toilet. But I hope one day, when I'm married ... I pack a little picnic with a red checkered cloth - cucumber and tuna sandwiches, orange juice and chocolate cupcakes ... and have my husband carry the kids and run around with them .. and then we sit by the pond munching and feeding the swans. I'd really like that.
    *ok, i seriously need to sleep*

    1. I am also still waiting for the day for us to have a 'proper' picnic with the red checkered cloth. I think it is perfectly fine to have to have dreams like that. Dreams help us to keep going.


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