Monday, October 15, 2012

Burberry 'Velvet Foundation' Long Wear Fluid Foundation Trench No. 204 Review and Swatches


(Information taken from Nordstrom website)

Like a trench coat for the skin, Velvet Foundation is a sophisticated, long-lasting formula that provides effortless protection with a flawless, velvety finish for a radiant, matte look.

Features and benefits:
- Long wear: Innovative, High Performing Pigments technology creates lasting, smudge-resistant true color.
- Second skin effect: The weightless gel formula melts onto the skin for enhanced breathability.
- Hydration: Emollient oils and a unique amino-acid derivative guarantee continuous hydration. Wild rose provides additional moisturizing benefits.
- Weatherproof: A silicone formula with lotus flower extract repels weather, protecting skin against the elements. UV filters protect skin from damaging environmental exposure.

How to use: Apply directly onto clean skin or mix with Fresh Glow Fluid Base to boost luminosity. Apply from the center of the face and blend outwards. Use a sponge for maximum flawless coverage.

I seriously don't know when I became a foundation junkie. As a reader once pointed out to me, how can I ever finish so many of my products with just one face. (Bows head in shame) I admit I use all my makeup way past the expiry dates. I do smell and check the quality of my foundation to ensure I am not putting anything rancid on my face.

I can't resist the call of flawless skin even though I know it is far fetched thinking that I will able to achieve that. But the new generation foundations call me with their seductive promise of lightweight and long wearing formula. As I write about this, I am lemming Giorgio Armani's Maestro foundation.

When I heard tat Burberry was releasing a matte foundation I was excited. The sheer foundation  is a big winner for me and I was sure the velvet foundation was going to be equally good. So once I had news that the local counters had it, I had to go and try.

The Burberry Velvet foundations comes in the same packaging as the Sheer Luminous foundation with the exception of frosted glass and matte metal cap to reflect the velvet finish. I am not going to spend too much time talking about the packaging. You can read my review of the sheer foundation here.

This is one foundation you shouldn't guess and buy. I am a trench No. 07,  MAC NC 30-35 and Chanel B40. Mindy the MA recommended me to try No. 203 and No. 204. After chin swatching, I decided that 204 was much closer to my face whereas 203 looked pinkish. Ruby my fellow beauty blogger and neighbour was matched with 205 although she is fairer than I was. She also had more pink tones to her face.

At SGD $80 or USD $54 this is not something you want to make a mistake with. On the topic of prices, I'm kinda miffed that the mark up is a little on the high side.

I took out all my foundations for a swatch fest. Enjoy!

Left to right: Burberry Velvet 204, Burberry Sheer 07, Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua B 30, Chanel Perfection Lumiere B 40, GA Designer Lift No. 6, GA Lasting Silk N. 5.5, GA Lasting Silk No. 7 and MUFE Dessert 123.

One pump is easily enough for a full face. I like applying this with my two favourite foundation brushes, it also applies easily with fingers.

I basically tried this foundation with all my primers and without.

So here are my thoughts of the foundation. It gives me medium to full coverage.  I can apply more on areas that need more help without it being cakey. It feels light weight on my skin and has no smell. Although matte, it does not make your face look flat. It blends well and adheres to the face without disappearing at the end of the day.

I have to say that since I stopped my birth control pills, I have been much oilier than usual. Before I could last the whole day without needing to blot my face. I find that I need to blot my face after 3 hours for most of my foundations. The Velvet foundation is not exception, after about 3-4 hours, I find that I need to blot. After blotting my face looks good as new.

Wearing velvet foundation

It is a pricey foundation at SGD $80. It is only going for USD $54. My suggestion would be to get yourself matched at the counter before buying it online.

What can I say, I love this foundation.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. I'm dying to try it out! but I don't know where I could get samples of it:(

    1. Caise dear if your skin colour is close, I can make you a sample for you to try, email me if you want :)

  2. One more thing on my Burberry wish list! It looks very natural on you, and the coverage seems good!

    1. Thanks Sunny, :) your Burberry wish list keeps getting longer right? I am loving it.

  3. You are such a Burberry addict! It sounds like a great foundation, and looks very natural as well.

    Things are going well for me over in the UK. It's getting a bit colder especially at night, and the trees are starting to turn properly autumnal, which is quite pretty. I am actually too busy to look at makeup here and anyway with most of my days spent in the library I really just do concealer, blush and lip balm! Am using the Burts Bees one which I won in one of your giveaways and I really like it! It's got a lovely mild natural scent, perfect texture, is just moisturising enough and has enough of a hint of colour that I can skip lipstick but not so much that I have to worry about how I apply it. I'm so glad I saved it up for the UK! Hope all is well in Singapore :)

    1. Rachel, kekeke that I am, there is no denying. I am glad you found the Burt's Bees lip balm useful. I can just imagine how UK looks now, lucky girl. Study hard girl but must take time to take in your surroundings and enjoy yourself. How's the food there?

    2. Actually I almost never go out to eat, because in Cambridge there isn't really a very wide range of great food. Sure there are the usual chains, couple fish and chip shops, Chinese takeaways and pubs but nothing I'm really dying to eat, and besides, I rather like my own cooking actually. My cooking has improved by leaps and bounds over here!

  4. ooohhh looks good :) Natural finish, with medium to full coverage. Sounds like a dream :) I've been itching to try a new foundation. Also considering the UD one too

    1. Joy I head good things about the UD one too. Dd you manage to get a sample of the UD to try? I heard you can do it at Sephora. I am buying way too many foundations, I must take a breather. You should go to the counter and get them to try it on you, see whether you like it or not.


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