Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Almost Burberry Autumn 2012 Look

I normally try my best to do an accompanying eye look when I review new eye shadows because I think it might be useful for you, my dear readers to see how the colour looks on eye lids. But unfortunately real life got in the way I I couldn't do so for my new Burberry shadows Mulberry and Dark Sable. Anyway, I managed to do this look at home featuring mostly Burberry products. I hope you will like it.

I started by applying Burberry Gold Trench on my entire eye lid. Then used Mulberry on my lids up to the crease.

Next, I used Dark Sable and with my Sigma blending brush blended it on and above my crease.

I used Porcelain to highlight by brow bone area, then used it to blend and blur the harsh lines. Finally added a black liner and mascara.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Burberry Sheer Eye Shadows, Porcelain, Gold Trench, Mulberry and Dark Sable
Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil Zero
Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill water proof mascara


Burberry Fresh Glow
Burberry Velvet Foundation
Giorgio Armani Microfil loose powder


Burberry Light Glow Earthy and Cameo


Burberry lip liner Dusty Rose
Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Seduisante

I had hoped to use my Burberry Lip Cover in Sepia Pink but in my rush for class, I was given a used Sepia Pink. Silly me! I have yet to collect my replacement. :(


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ruby, you can do it too, you have Mulberry.

  2. Babe, I love how pretty your Burberry Collection is! I also like the way you draw your eyeliner, very sharp yet simple.

    1. Thanks Meryl, wanted to use my long neglected Zero, btw my Chanel liner broke on me :( has it happened to you before?

    2. Aww :( It hasn't happened with my Chanel before but it happened with my Dior. I still put it back in the eyeliner tube and managed to finish it. What do you do after that?

  3. Gorgeous! Love the whole look you put together with your Burberry goodies ^_^ Also I really love that Chanel lipstick shade on you. Wish I could pull off that shade, but unfortunately I'm too fair.
    Mulberry & Dark Sable look beautiful, but I'm trying to be good & hold off purchasing them until I see those Burberry eyeshadow quads in person in case there is anything similar. Although it's very hard to resist! lol
    I read your post on the Velvet Foundation & it is sooo true if one is interested in purchasing it they must see the shades in person! I was an anxious fool and order it over the phone as soon as it was available for purchase. The Burberry SA told me not to worry, that the shades where exactly the same as their sheer foundation which you know is false! I'm assuming it was so new that he must had not had a chance to use them on his in store customers! Grr, I haven't exchange it yet because I'm waiting for those quads to be released so I don't have to make 2 trips to the Burberry Beauty counter since the nearest one is over an hour drive for me. Oh well, I'm praying those quads will make it feel well worth the drive! lol
    x Naomi

    1. What I learned Naomi is to never rule out a colour until you try, you never know. Seduisante could be a suitable colour for you. You just have to try it out at the counters. I am do sorry the Burberry shade did not work out for you, that sucks! I bet you must have been dying to wear it only to find out it didn't suit you. I seriously hope the palettes come out soon, I'm definitely going to get me some. So what colour did you get for the velvet foundation?

    2. In the Sheer Foundation I use No.4 so I purchased No.204- your perfect match ;) Yes, I am dying to try it out considering my skin is so oily. I do like the Sheer Foundation, but I find it does make my skin more oily throughout the day so I'm hoping this Velvet Foundation will be more compatible for my skin.
      I was told that the quads should be available in November. So 2 more weeks & I shall have one of those beauties in my hands! lol
      I'll be sure to check Seduisante in person when I go exchange the foundation, I wanna see how it looks with the Burberry lip liner you used in your look. I think I might need that Dusty Rose now! :D
      x Naomi

    3. I think you will like the velvet foundation better, but I still have to blot nowadays even if I am wearing velvet foundation. I can't wait! Let me know if you have checked out the palettes k? I would love to hear what you think about them. I really like the Burberry lip liners, they are creamy and glide on my lips. Total thumbs up.


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