Sunday, September 30, 2012

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadows Dark Sable No. 23 and Mulberry No. 24 Reviews and Swatches

I am always happy to hear that there are new Burberry shadows out. They have the loveliest textures ever. Buttery, long lasting and pigmented. I have for you Mulberry ad Dark Sable from the Fall 2012 collection. 

Mulberry is easily the most exciting eye shadow out of the line up. It is a dark plummy brown.

The silly plastic inset nicked my pan. Boo!

Although Dark Sable is not exciting to look at, it is the nicest dark brown matte shade. It blends so beautifully. Don't give this a miss.

Dark Sable

Left to right: Dark Sable and Mulberry
Although pricey at SGD $46 each. I feel pampered by the gorgeous formula and texture. Burberry may not have exciting shades but I find the shades very wearable.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

Now for some comparison pics.

Left to right: Mulberry, Midnight Brown and dark brown from Chanel Sable Emouvant duo

Dark Sable, Inglot Matt 327 and dark brown from Inglot 112R

Burberry Autumn Luxe 2012 Workshop

I was positively delighted to have attended the Burberry Autumn Luxe workshop yesterday with dear blogger friend Ruby from Miaka's Life and Loves. We had a blast! The workshop introduced the Autumn collection and also showed us how we could contour and highlight our face.

That is Ruby and me without makeup. I am determined to bring home the Velvet Foundation so I wanted to try it to see how it wears. The workshop was an intimate affair with only 5 participants. 

My work area
Bird's eye view of the "toys" we got to play with
The new Velvet Foundation

Ruby getting a free express manicure

Mindy the MA at Burberry proceeded to show us how to contour and highlight. The sweetie pie model has perfect skin! I love the natural understated look on her.

After the demonstration, we eagerly started trying out the new products on ourselves.

Left to right: No.201, 203, 205 and 208.
There are altogether 8 shades available. In our excitement to swatch, I missed out on a few other shades, sorry!

One thing to note though, the shades don't necessarily get darker by the number. I was eventually matched with 204 which was warmer whereas Ruby who is paler than I was, was matched with 205 which has a pink undertone. You need to get matched physically or you might get the wrong shade.

I find Mocha Glow Lip Cover very intimidating. I don't think it is for everyone.

Left to right: Sepia Pink and Mocha Glow Lip Covers
Mocha Glow layered over Sepia Pink

Mindy the marvelous MA
Ruby and myself with out new foundations!
iPhone shot!
I was determined to bring home the Velvet foundation with me I also bought Sepia Pink and a Light Glow in Earthy. Haul pictures coming up soon!

Finally a shout out to dear Meg, whom I met at the workshop. Hi sweetie! I wish I could stay longer to talk but I had to rush off for my pole class. I hope to see you around. :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Burberry Beauty Autumn 2012

We are finally getting the Burberry Beauty Fall collection in Singapore. The Burberry Beauty counter is undergoing renovation. There is a small counter on the second level of Tangs and another temporary one at Escentials Paragon.

There are 4 eye shadows being featured.

Gold Trench, Dark Sable, Mulberry and Porcelain White. Dark Sable, Mulberry and Porcelain White are new to the existing range of shadows.

Top to bottom: Porcelain White, Mulberry and Dark Sable
There are 3 Lip Cover lipsticks. Nude Rose, Sepia Pin and Mocha Glow. 

I like Sepia Pink. Mocha Glow seems like a difficult colour to pull off on my lips.

The new Velvet Foundation Long Wear Fluid Foundation. Please ignore the label. The velvet foundations come in a frosted glass container.

I managed to make quick swatches of No. 01, 02 and 03 Trench. (From right to left)

I went home with Dark Sable and Mulberry. As I was in a rush, I had no time to try out the foundation on my face. It is definitely on my list.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Makeup Storage

I am dying to show you my new storage space for my makeup. First up, pictures were all taken on my phone so pardon the quality. They aren't as crisp and clear as I hoped.

I have been wanting to improve my makeup space for ages now. So while exploring Ikea, I finally decided to get this.

My DH took the whole Saturday afternoon to assemble this.

I spent the evening arranging my makeup stuff. Here goes.

My top tray filled with my essentials and miscellaneous stuff.

My second tray is for my base makeup.

My lipsticks and false lashes.

All my blushes together.

I like keeping them in their boxes especially my Chanel and Burberry. Without the boxes, it is very hard to identify the colours. Not a good thing if you are rushing in the morning. So I cut the side of the box so it is easy to take them out.

My eye shadow palettes.

Finally, my potted shadows and other stuff I don't know where to put.

Thanks for looking!