Friday, August 10, 2012

Sponsored Post: Make Up For Ever Black Tango Fall Collection 2012 Black Tango Palette and Aqua Cream Eye Shadow No. 27 Swatches and Review

Today I have for you the Make Up For Ever Black Tango palette and Aqua Cream in No. 27 for review. I was so happy to receive this during the Make Up For Ever Black Tango launch recently.

(Information taken from Press Kit)

A Palette Under The Spotlight
MAKE UP FOR EVER is launching a sultry new object of desire with the BLACK TANGO Palette, a one-off limited edition perfectly suited for the FALL look. Blacks with subtle and intense reflections that reveal themselves to be powerful potions of seduction. New unexpected and ultra-chic colors that are hidden in an extremely feminine limited edition compact. A lace fan against a beautiful deep red. Inside hides a large mirror decorated with lace and a professional brush.

Inside The Lace Case
Four new AQUA CREAM shades created around a harmony of blacks with red, green and blue reflections as well as an ivory color. Dark colors with subtle glints, like precious stones. Thanks to its silky touch, AQUA CREAM is easily applied and its melt-away texture can be shaded to your heart’s content. Featuring firm nylon fiber bristles; the brush in the palette is perfect for creamy shadows and allows easy application.

Aqua Cream Palette
Price $75.00

As you can see from the press pictures, it comes in a gorgeous dark red plastic palette with black lace designs on it. It houses 4 dark and sultry Aqua Cream eye shadows that come in individual containers which you can close to prevent the Aqua Creams from drying out.

Below is the Aqua Cream eye shadow No. 27 which is a matte black. They are basically the same just that the Black Tango palette houses 4 exclusive colours that you will not get in individual pot form.

These babies are quite tenacious. If you check out my past posts about the Aqua creams here and here where I did some testing with water, you will see that they are indeed waterproof. That being said they still smudge minimally on me because I have very oily lids (damn them!). They are not tear proof either, I also find that they smudge slightly on me after I have teary eyes.

The below are eye swatches. I did not do full eye makeup with these, I just wanted you to see how they look on my eye lids. I still prefer to layer them with powder eye shadow on top. I feel like I am still a noob at blending these. They need to be blended really fast.

Shade 27 Matte black used as a liner

Dark green

Dark blue with creamy white shade blended on top
I love using the matte black as an eye liner, I am able to use this on my waterline without any discomfort. They do stay on quite well but again it still smudges on me after a few hours.

Aqua creams do set pretty fast so I need to blend quickly. I also find that they blend better on their own and not with an eye primer underneath it. I love the synthetic brush that comes with the palette, it makes blending so so easy. I can also use it as an eye liner brush.

These Aqua creams also eventually dry out, I had my old pots for about a year before I discovered that they were not as creamy as before and became harder to blend. 

So I am extremely happy to have smaller pots and wider selection of colours.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


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  2. Babe, does the dark blue looks like ETK Blast of Blue? This palette looks good!

    1. Totally different, I find blast of blue more of a steel silvery blue, the blue here is a dark navy blue.

  3. they look quiet nice that's too bad that they smudge on you :-(

    this makeup looks incredible! I'm still not fan of red lips but this model has the same shape of face as me and I really like her eyemakeup - I've always been too scared to do smokey eyes

    1. Caise you could always do a thicker darker line close to your lashes and blend slightly upwards. Smokey eyes do not need to be a lot of work.

  4. Hi
    What kind 0f blush did you put on her chicks? what is the number of the blush? it's amazing!


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