Friday, August 3, 2012

Lady Marmalade FOTD

I am going to take part in my dance studio's in house competition on 4th August Saturday called So You Think You Can Groove 2012 (Yup it sounds cheesy I admit). I am very excited and nervous because it is tomorrow!

Together with 4 other classmates we decided to try out luck and submit our entry. Mind you we are all amateurs and don't have a dance background. We lucked out and got picked for the competition together with two other groups doing K pop dance routines.

We will be dancing to our choreography we have been learning in class. I really dig the song, it's from Moulin Rouge's Lady Marmalade and we have to dance with both hats and canes. We will be wearing corsets and bow ties so we are so going to rock! At least I hope so!

Anyway I've been testing out stuff and trying to see what kind of makeup I would be wearing for that day. I'll probably be changing a few stuff on the actual day. 

I have to be at the venue 6 hours before the competition for full dress rehearsals so I intend to have my base and basic eye makeup and lashes done at home first. I'll add on to darken and vamp it out just before the event.

For my base, I want something that will not shine too much so I decided to use my trusty Giorgio Armani Fluid Master primer to help my foundation last and keep my face oil-free. I definitely will use my favourite night time foundation, Make Up For Ever's HD foundation. I love using this especially when I know I'll be taking photographs. I look flawless when I use this foundation and best of all it is long wearing. I'm using Giorgio Armani's Fluid Sheer in No. 11 Amber as a natural blush that will act as a contour and also my Dior bronzer in Zenith.

For my eyes, I decided to bullet proof my eye makeup with my NARS primer. I do realise that it made the blending of my MUFE Aqua Creams somewhat more difficult. I'll skip the primer and see how it goes. I don't like the gold glitter under my eyes, it kinda irritated me so I'm going to switch to a liquid gold eye liner instead.

NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base
Make Up For Ever Black Tango Aqua Cream Palette  (To be reviewed soon!) (Shimmering cream and Burgundy)
Urban Decay Naked Palette (Sin and Creep)
Make Up For Ever Metal Powder No. 1
Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Shadow Rose Plantine No. 28
Chanel Illusion d'Ombres Mirifique and Fantasme
Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream No. 27 Matte Black
Make Up Store Glitter Fireball
Make Up Store Glitter Liner Holiday Glam
Urban Decay 24/7 liner Eldorado
Red Cherry lashes 
DUP lash glue

I customised my lip colour as I am in love with the formulas of the new Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouges (to be revealed soon!). They are super long wearing yet comfortable on the lips. I need something that is going to stay on the whole night without having to worry about reapplying.

I mixed No. 8 a blue red and No.9 a burgundy to get my shade. I used my favourite lip pencil Burberry's lip pencil in Brick Red underneath. I added a little gloss and added Make Up Store's glitter in Fireball on the bottom of my lip.

Burberry Lip Pencil Brick Red
Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge No. 8 and No. 9
Make Up Store Glitter Fireball

My look! So, what do you think?

Anyway this is what my group mates and I are wearing, we strip down to our corset mid way through the performance. 

I really hope we do a good job, I report more on the actual day!


  1. Holy crap--you are looking GOOD! And that makeup is amazing. I feel like whenever I've dressed up in the past and worn a very dramatic look like you have on, I always look like I'm playing dress up. But this look actually really suits you--it doesn't look overdone at all. You could be going on a fancy date, for all I know!

    Good luck--and more importantly, have fun!!! You'll have to be sure to update us and post lots of pics :D

    1. I was quite hesitant to put the last two pictures up, I am so vain! Thanks so much Becca, I'm actually just recovering from the flu but this just motivates me to get well and be there for my team mates. I'm so nervous I don't think I can sleep well tonight!

  2. You look absolutely fabulous!! Have an awesome time and good luck for your competition!!

  3. U look gorgeous as ever!!! Enjoy yourself tomorrow!

  4. Luna and Miaka, thank you so much for your encouragement and support ;).

  5. You look really hot! Good luck!! I don't usually wear lipgloss during dance performances because I find that unless your hair is all away and off your face, it can stick to the gloss and irritate you or even mess up the rest of your face if the hair touches the rest of the face. The lips are a really good choice with the outfit though!

    1. Thanks for that tip babe! I did just that, skip the gloss. I need to flick my hair a few times so do not need to worry about hair sticking on my face.

  6. Babe, you surely is a sexy one! U look fabulous and I love that gold eyes on you :) Good luck on your competition!!

  7. You look incredible!
    I take that back. I should've said: "Hot diggity, you look HAWWWWWT!"


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