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Introducing Make Up For Ever Fall collection 2012 Black Tango

Black Tango Fall Collection 2012

“For this collection, I wanted to transport us into the hushed atmosphere of the Milonga room. Black Tango is an invitation to seduction and the world of dance. Behind the delicate lace of a fan, the deep gaze of a woman bewitches a mysterious partner. The two words driving my creativity when creating the products were incredible hold and emotion…for a passionate night of tango.”


Creator & Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER


It was during a trip to Argentina last year that Dany Sanz reconnected with an old friend, Jean-Luc Don Vito, make-up artist specialized in the world of Tango. This reunion would serve as her inspiration for the MAKE UP FOR EVER Fall 2012 Collection dedicated to this impassioned waltz, a world dear to Dany, who, with her South American roots, used to dance the tango herself. She took her inspiration from their needs and has created easy-to-use and incredibly long-lasting products that are perfectly tailored to these extreme conditions. MAKE UP FOR EVER presents its new 2012 FALL BLACK TANGO collection, showcasing confidence and sophisticated femininity. Artistic elegance, colors that draw their tones from black lace and the Latin spirit of seduction are in the spotlight. The result is four new AQUA CREAM offered in a limited edition palette, three matching nail polishes and a lipstick with an incredible, glamorous shine. For creating a precise and passionate Tango look.


A Palette Under The Spotlight
MAKE UP FOR EVER is launching a sultry new object of desire with the BLACK TANGO Palette, a one-off limited edition perfectly suited for the FALL look. Blacks with subtle and intense reflections that reveal themselves to be powerful potions of seduction. New unexpected and ultra-chic colors that are hidden in an extremely feminine limited edition compact. A lace fan against a beautiful deep red. Inside hides a large mirror decorated with lace and a professional brush.

Inside The Lace Case
Four new AQUA CREAM shades created around a harmony of blacks with red, green and blue reflections as well as an ivory color. Dark colors with subtle glints, like precious stones. Thanks to its silky touch, AQUA CREAM is easily applied and its melt-away texture can be shaded to your heart’s content. Featuring firm nylon fiber bristles; the brush in the palette is perfect for creamy shadows and allows easy application.

Aqua Cream Palette
Price $75.00

Because polished nails beautifully enhance the figure and add the final touch to a look, Dany Sanz has created three nail polishes for incredibly feminine appeal. Thanks to their deep colors – Black with Red Highlights, Black with Green Highlights, Black with Blue Highlights – they perfectly echo the intense and sensual world of BLACK TANGO.

For a sophisticated and torrid look down to your fingertips, MAKE UP FOR EVER launches three nail polishes to match the BLACK TANGO palette. Three incredibly chic and intense nearly blacks to match your smoky eye for a perfect tone-on-tone effect.


Since its launch, Aqua Cream has been one of the beauty world’s best-sellers thanks to its wide choice of colors and its professional formula, which offers:
1. Intense and luminous color thanks to a high concentration of pigments and pearlescent particles.
2. Long-lasting hold. Filmogenic Polymers encapsulate the pigments, making them waterproof. The Volatile Oils evaporate after application, leaving the pigments fixed on the skin.
3. Unique comfort with the Synthetic Ester. Lighter than traditional mineral oils, it provides easy application and a silky feel. Paraben free, tested under ophthalmological supervision

Nail Polish
Price $22.00


Aqua Rouge
Price $39.00

In a TANGO DANCE, the mouth is the center of attention and AQUA ROUGE beautifully enhances this utterly desirable smile. MAKE UP FOR EVER launches its latest addition to its AQUA range, the AQUA ROUGE lipstick, a very long-lasting waterproof lipstick with a dazzling color result. Highly glossy, concentrated lipstick with an innovative element that combines two applications in one.

Step 1:
The liquid lipstick delivers intense, matte color.

Step 2:
The top coat provides a vinyl finish and protects the color.


The new Aqua Cream shade Matte Black presents the same formula as the current Aqua Cream range. It is the first shade in the Aqua Cream range that offers a unique difference with a matte result. Aqua Cream is a waterproof cream color that provides an outstanding impeccable hold. Makeup stays put, it does not run, crease or transfer to the upper lid. With this new addition to our existing Aqua Cream range, Aqua Cream range has a total of 26 shades.

Aqua Cream Matte Black
Price $39.00


Sephora ION Orchard
Sephora Ngee Ann City
Sephora Marina Bay Sands
Sephora Great World City
Sephora VivoCity
Sephora Bugis+
Make Up For Ever Pro Loft & Academy (OUB Centre #04-16)

I will be reviewing some of the products that were given to me really soon, so stay tuned!


  1. can't wait to read your reviews because I just noticed some of my favorite colors :-)

    1. Caise tell me which colours are you interested in?

  2. I love the look done on the model--but to be honest, I don't know that any of the products from this collection are must-haves for me. I don't like to wear lipstick often, but when i do I prefer sheerer colors. The Aqua Rouges look like they'll be perfect for lipstick and lip gloss lovers alike! Also the Aqua Cream palette looks a little dark for me..I would probably only use them as eyeliner. I'm so boring, I know!! :P

    1. I have to warn you that the Aqua Rouges are full on colour, not sheer at all :).

  3. Ooh, gorgeous collection! I never really paid attention to MUFE until now, especially the red lips. Thanks for the info! I just found your awesome blog. Following you now!

    1. Hi Joane, thanks for your kind compliment, Black tango is a awesome collection, the Aqua Rouges are fantastic. Thanks for following my blog, I hope you wil find my posts relevant and interesting for you.


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