Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gardens By The Bay (Very picture heavy!)

I finally visited Gardens By the Bay. I have seen so many people posting pictures and writing about it but we have patiently waited because we did not want to fight with the hoards of people. It was well worth the wait. My family and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. If you ever pop by Singapore, you have to make a stop over here. 

The Cloud Forest Conservatory up ahead.

It is generally very hot and humid so dress comfortably. T-shirts and shorts are perfectly fine is most places especially here. To beat the hot sun we went there very early. First place we headed for was the Supertree Grove where we got to walk on a raised walk way and get a nice view of the area.

View from on top

Marina Bay Sands

Unfortunately my poor DS got a case of the heebie jeebies so I had to hold his hands through the walk.

There is plenty of areas to explore and they are mostly free however it gets really hot by mid day, we were very lucky that the day was mostly overcast.

I love our family outings, I term my family as the easy going type. We tend to play around a lot.

The above is the Cloud Forest Conservatory. It is wonderfully cooling and for me the highlight of the trip.

Over at the Flower Dome, I got to see many pretty flowers.

Pitcher Plant

Chanel UV Essentiel
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
Giorgio Armani Microfil Loose Powder

Chanel Bronze Corail

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Shiseido Shimmering eye colour Magnolia
Stila Waterproof liquid eyeliner
Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

Burberry Lip Liner Dusty Rose
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I hope you had a wonderful weekend too! So what did you do?


  1. It looks like you had a lovely time! I'd love to come there someday :)

    1. If you ever pop by my little island please give me a call, I can be your tour guide!

    2. That would be amazing! We could go shopping as well :P

  2. oh it looks like a gorgeous place! I'd have to fine someone to hold my hand though :-) maybe I'll visit it someday because I've been thinking about studying in Singapore:)

    1. I promise I'll hold your hand when you come down to Singapore ;).

  3. Lol, your son is so cute! I've only been outside Gardens by the Bay, cos when I went on the weekend, the queue for the conservatory was an hour long! It looks really lovely, I should try to go again, hopefully it'll be less crowded when the hype dies down...

    1. Fiona, we had crowds and queues, no patience for them. That is the reason why we waited so long before finally going. It is worth the wait. I'm planning to bring my mom to visit during the September school holidays. Go soon Fiona, you will love the cooled conservatories.

  4. Wow--that looks like such an amazing, beautiful place. I WANT TO GO TO THE CLOUD FOREST CONSERVATORY!!! :D Looks like you had fun--great pics!

    1. Becca we had loads of fun. I'm bringing my mom there is 2 weeks time, I bet she will love the flowers.

  5. I've only visited one of the conservatory dome, but no one is free to come with me for a second visit leh! I wanna see the waterfall >.<

    1. Joyce you have to go see the Cloud Forest, I felt that it was the nicer one of the two.


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