Monday, July 30, 2012

Final Summer Haul for 2012

This summer season has been a real killer on my wallet. The summer collections by the various cosmetics brands have been so so beautiful, it was hard to resist. I present to you the last of my summer haul for 2012. No more!

I refused to buy my Burberry Summer Glow from the counters because the mark up was ridiculously high. It was selling at SGD $95 when the actual price was USD $50.  The Guerlain Terra Azzurra is selling at SGD $126 at the counters where the actual price is USD $75. I saved a good SGD $60 (not including shipping). I am patting myself on the back right now.

Anyway, on to the pictures. Drooling is allowed ;)

These are all my summer bronzers for 2012. Aren't they pretty together?

Swatches and reviews soon.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Suqqu Spring Summer 2012 Nuancing Cheeks Blush EX-02 Kohakasui and Ex-03 Akanemizu

I think I am thoroughly smitten by Suqqu as a brand. I owned two of their eye shadow palettes. Himesango and Usuchaori and love them to bits. When I had the opportunity to get their new Spring/Summer 2012 blushes (thanks my angels!)  I had to get them. There are three altogether, I decided not to pick up the pink version EX-01 Botaniro as I realise I tend to favour my coral/peach and rose blushes as compared to my pink ones. 

I rely on swatches from Visionary Beauty and Drivel about Frivol because they have great swatches and are an amazing resource when it comes to Suqqu. You can check out Botaniro at Visionary Beauty and all of the shades at Kate's blog Drivel about Frivol.

In case you are interested, I paid about SGD$158 for both blushes.

I like Suqqu's sleek packaging. It is thin and very portable. Although it is made from black plastic, the packaging is very sturdy. I notice three little holes under my palette and wonder is it for me to depan the blush?

The blush applicator unfortunately is too small for me to use properly. I can say that it is very soft and has just the right softness to pick up the right amount of pigment.

EX-02 Kohakusui

Kohakusui on my cheeks
I wish I could do the blushes more justice. The sun unfortunately has not been cooperating on the day that I decided to do swatches of it. The left shade is sheerer whereas the right is a matt and pigmented shade. Kohakusui is a glowy peach/coral shade. Unlike most Japanese blush, this has quite a bit of pigment power. I found that using my MAC blush brush gave me too much pigment. My Hakuhodo brush which is softer and fluffier did the best job.

Ex-02 Akanemizu

Akanemizu on my cheeks
Akanemizu is a straight up rose pink shade. It is not matte, neither is it a shimmery shade. It just glows on my cheeks. It is also very pigmented and a single swipe with my Hakuhodo blush brush is enough for both my cheeks.

Dear Rachel, my constant reader mentioned that colour on the right hand side of the palettes look similar so I decided to swatch them side by side for a comparison. (Sweetie, thanks for the great suggestion!)



Kohakusui has a sheerer pink shade that is slightly cooler than the Akanemizu which is more of a rosy pink.

If you ask me if paying SGD $80 for a blush like this was worthwhile, I would whole-heartedly say yes. I love their soft texture. It is finely milled and lasts the whole day on my cheeks. 

Ratings: 5 lipsticks

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chanel Summer 2012 Rouge Coco Shine 447 En Vogue

I love Rouge Coco Shines. Although many have said that they are not moisturizing, they feel balm-like on me. They aren't as full coverage as Rouge Allures, instead they are semi-sheer depending on the colours you choose. They do not last long but leave a stain which intensifies every time you reapply.

I did not intend to pick up another but I simple adored the beautiful summer colour of En Vogue. It is a bright pink coral which perks up my whole complexion.

Depending on the lip liner I use, I can change the colour of En Vogue. Here I am using my Chanel Natural lip liner which I thought does not interfere with the actual colour.

I have here all my Rouge Coco Shines swatched. You can find further reviews of the individual colours here and here.

Left to right: Sari D'eau, Romance, En Vogue, Monte Carlo and Rebelle
Rouge Coco Shines cost SGD $44.

Rating: 4 lipsticks

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet #31 La Furtive swatches and review

This belongs to a what was I thinking category. To be honest, I don't know what made me buy this. I am not a nude lip person. I guess I got caught up in the moment during my makeover and at that time it looked so good on me. 

La Furtive is a peachy nude shade.  I prefer using this over a darker lip liner like MAC Spice or Burberry Sepia to give my lips a little more life.

You can read a more detailed description about the texture and formula in my other posts. La Facinante (my favourite), L'Exuberante and L'Elegante.

Left to right: La Furtive, L'Elegante, La Exuberante and La Fascinante

I really wish I did not buy this, the opaque and creamy formula only makes this shade look terrible on me. For nudes I prefer sheerer formulas. 

I bet on fairer skin tones La Furtive will look beautiful. But it is not a shade for me.

Ratings: 2+ lipsticks