Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sponsored Post: Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows Eye Looks (Smoky)

In my last post about Aqua Shadows, I will try to do a smoky eye.


Step 1 

Application: Apply a thick line of Aqua Shadow 0E pencil along the upper lash line, starting from the inner corner and working toward the outer corner. Do not forget to apply the color between the lashes and on the inner rim for maximum intensity.

Tip: Select the eye contour cream carefully, because a texture that is too oily may make application difficult and reduce the hold of the product.

Products used: Aqua Shadow 0E.

Step 2 

Application: Blend quickly upward using the fingertip in the crease of the eyelids, using forward and backward sweeping movements from the outer corner to the inner corner. Make sure to finish before the texture is dry.

Step 3 

Application:  Blend quickly upward toward the crease of the eyelid, using forward and backward sweeping movements from the outer corner to the inner corner using the Brush 14S. Make sure to finish before the texture is dry.

Products used: Brushes 5N or 14S.

Step 4

Application: Apply a line of Aqua Shadow 30E juxtaposed with Aqua Shadow 0E and blend the colors together using the Brush 14S. Ensure that the two colors are well blended. Apply Aqua Shadow 30E to the brow bone for a highlight effect. Then blend in using the Brush 5N.

Tip: To intensify the makeup, apply Eye Shadows or Star Powders to the shadow filed.

Products used: Aqua Shadow 30E  / Brushes 14S or 5N.

Step 5 

Application: Apply Aqua Shadow 0E to the inner rim to add depth to the eyes. Draw a line along the lower lashes, starting in the outer corner and working toward the inner corner, blend downward using the Brush 2S.

Tip: To achieve a finer line or to achieve a very wide range of colors, apply Aqua Eyes pencils.

Products used: Aqua Shadow 0E  / Brush 2S.

Step 6 

Application: Finish with a generous application of Aqua Smoky Lash mascara. For an intense result, repeat the application.

Tip: For an intense look, fix on false eyelashes before applying the mascara.

Products used: Mascara Aqua Smoky Lash.

Smokey Look 1

I did not want to do a traditional black smoky eye so was deciding between the teal and the navy blue. I decided to do a navy blue smoky eye. So I chose to use 6E and 28E. I did not use any brushes at all instead I used my fingers.

I was actually quite surprised at how bright the blue turned out to be. It is not a colour I would wear out as a smoky look perhaps as a thick liner instead.  I would want to try this look in the traditional black to see how it looks. 

It is easier to blend with fingers and i had to blend very quickly before the colour set. It is also a lot easier to blend the shimmer colour on top of the matte instead of the other way around.

Anyway, I cheated, I used MUFE Aqua liner in 0L to line my upper lash line.

Smokey Look 2

I am particularly pleased with this look I did, it is not a particularly smokey look but I loved the effect. I used my Suqqu Himesango palette and decided to line my eyes with the Aqua Shadow in 0E. While the Aqua Shadow is creamy, it still skipped a little while I was lining my eyes. I used my Sephora Smudge brush to smudge the liner a little

Thanks for looking!


  1. wow beautiful looks! this tutorial is very helpful

    1. Hey Caise, the MUFE tutorial is indeed really useful. It was so easy for me to follow. I just wished that it turned out more like the pictures.

  2. Ooo I love these on you, Jacqueline! I really have to pay the MUFE store in Brussels a visit soon. There are so many products I want to check out!

    1. Hi Sunny, thank you. So many interesting makeup and so little money ;) same here.I would love to check out Tom Ford and Dolce and Gabanna myself. Do you have brands that you would love to try but haven't yet?

  3. Not entirely but I find the shimmery ones are more water proof than the matte ones. They aren't tear proof on me though. I get my morning yawnies together with tears and the inner corner eye makeup was slightly smudged. If you don't have my issues, you should'nt have a problem.


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