Friday, June 1, 2012

Sponsored Post: Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows Eye Looks (Natural Blended)

I was inspired by the step by step instructions to achieve different kinds of looks using the Aqua Shadows. I thought I would follow and see how successful I was at achieving the look for myself. The next few posts, altogether 2, will show how successful this noob is at following instructions.


Step 1 

Application: Apply Aqua Shadow 22E pencil from the inner corner to the middle of the upper eyelid.

Tip: If the eyelid is oily, to achieve a longer hold, apply Eye Prime or a veil of powder before Aqua Shadow.

Products used: Aqua Shadow 22E.

Step 2 

Application: Apply  Aqua Shadow 2E from the outer corner to the middle of the eyelid.

Products used: Aqua Shadow 2E.

Step 3 

Application: Blend the two colors together using the Brush 14S with forward and backward movements from the outer corner toward the inner corner of the eye. The colors must be blended into the skin, slightly above the eyelid crease. Blend quickly before the texture dries.

Tip: For a more sophisticated effect, apply Diamond Powder over the Aqua Shadows before the texture dries so that it can adhere more easily.

Products used: Brush 14S.

Step 4 

Application: For a highlighting effect, apply Aqua Shadow 28E to the inner corner of the eye, then blend in the color using the Brush 5N.

Products used: Aqua Shadow 28E / Brush 5N.

Step 5 

Application: Apply the same color on the brow bone to highlight. Then blend in with the Brush 5N.

Products used: Aqua Shadow 28E / Brush 5N.

Step 6 

Application: Draw a line along the upper lashes using  Aqua Eyes 2L, not forgetting to apply color between the lashes for maximum intensity (for a softer result, blend the Aqua Eyes pencil using the brush 2S).

Tip: For a more sophisticated look, draw a line along the lower lashes and color the waterline.

Products used: Aqua Eyes 2L / Brush 2S.

Step 7 

Application: Apply Aqua Smoky Lash mascara. For an intense result, repeat the application.

Tip: Comb the eyebrows using an eyelash brush to perfect the makeup result.

Products used: Mascara Aqua Smoky Lash / Eyelash brush.

I do not have all the colours that are mentioned in the tutorial so I made do with 28E and 0E.

I do find it a tad difficult to blend the matte shadow over the shimmery one. I used my MAC 242 brush but gave up half way and used my fingers instead. To line the eyes, I felt that the Aqua Shadow was just too chubby to do the job so I sharpened it with the sharpener which was given to me. It made it so much easier to line my eyes.

For the above look, I simply lined both the upper and lower lash line.

 Thanks for looking.


  1. Nice! These look like pretty easy looks to whip up. Hope they lasted well on you? Love the promo pics though I bet they're photoshopped to death.

    1. Well by the 4th hour they smudged a little on me. I also yawned quite a bit and became teary, it didn't survive that.

  2. I find step-by-step instructions (especially ones in Japanese mags) totally irresistable. You created a great eye -- a more unconventional mix of shades than their official version!

  3. the two last pic looks gorgeous <3 I am sure it makes our eyes look bigger..

    1. I like the black Aqua Shadow best, it gives a great easy intense eye.


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