Saturday, June 16, 2012

Harry Potter Exhibition and face of the day

My family are big Harry Potter fans. Since it is the school holidays for DS it is such great bonding time for him and me so we decided to go see it.

Admission tickets are at SGD $20 for Singapore residents and $13 for children. The exhibits are nice but I can't help feeling like there were too little to justify the price.

Lunch before heading to the Art and Science Museum.

The Helix Bridge
I know it is a fairly long walk but I love walking around the Esplanade area.

I love the lilies and lily pads around the Art and Science Museum. Very Monet.

The only exhibit we were allowed to take pictures of. Photography and filming are totally banned.

I couldn't resist picking this up. I am not sure whether it was my imagination but the vomit flavoured jelly bean tastes positively terrible.

Typical rip off at the exhibition but I still bought the photo, I can't help myself.

My makeup for the day.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay Naked palette (Virgin, Sin and Naked)
Loreal Infallibles Eye shadow Sahara Treasure
Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill waterproof mascara

NARS Velvet Matt lip pencil Dolce Vita

Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh Tint Coral Nymph
Chanel Sable Rose
Laura Mercier highlighter Rose Rendezvous

Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer
Giorgio Armani Designer Lift foundation (testing this out, will review soon.)
Giorgio Armani Microfil Loose Powder


  1. I love that cobalt blue top on you! <3 DS is adorable, and yay for HP love! I'm really excited to go home and check out the studio tour (may kidnap a niece to act as my beard, lol)

    1. Hey Kate, thanks :) cheeky DS scored a HP wand from me, I told him he is not getting any birthday presents from me since he has gotten his present in advance. Those wands are expensive.

  2. Hello Jacqueline! your blog is real fun to read, and interesting product sharing! will definitely be reading more often! :))

    1. Hi Alan, I'm so happy you dropped by and left me a comment. Pictures of my Giorgio Armani haul coming up soon. Do pop by often k? I'm glad you like what you are reading :)

  3. U bought the pic! Me and hubby totally skipped the photo taking since we don't intend to buy it.

    1. I am a big sucker for memobila even though it is left at home collecting dust. DS's pose was just too nice for me to pass up.

  4. Love your top! It works so nicely with your tan. I'm probably going to the HP exhibition as well with my best friend since we're both HP fans (though I'm really a fan of the book). The Esplanade area to MBS is really nicely done up, my office is near one end of the Shoppes at MBS and sometimes I just walk down that stretch by the water and pretend I'm not in Singapore, haha. Reminds me a lot of Sydney somehow!

    1. Thanks Rachel don't expect too much from the exhibits okay and take the audio tour it will last longer. Oh yes buy the chocolate frogs!

      I love that area a lot. If it were me I could just sit there and soak up the atmosphere. But DS and DH are very goal oriented so sitting at one spot for too long isn't an option.

  5. Hey Jacqueline,

    Thanks for posting about the Harry potter exhibition! Can't wait to get my box of every flavour beans too :D


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