Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sponsored Post: Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows Review and Swatches

I attended a Make Up For Ever beauty launch back in April. I have been keeping these pictures and dying to show them to you. Now I can!

What I really received from MUFE!

I was given these to play with along with the jumbo sharpener (very thoughtful!) and travel size Sensi Eyes to test out.

(What Make Up For Ever says about Aqua Shadows)

Aqua Shadow is a waterproof eye shadow pencil with extra colored pigments and long-lasting hold, containing a generous jumbo tip. Its polished black body is finished off with a band colored with each shade and a matching cap. Aqua Shadow is so handy; it can be slipped into a purse, beach bag or makeup artist’s case. It is both waterproof and long-lasting, resists seawater, chlorinated water and rubbing. Aqua Shadow brightens and intensifies the eyes in 3 seconds flat. And for the pros, this is the promise of fast results that withstand the extreme conditions of the stage or the heat of fashion shows.

Aqua Shadow comes in 12 unique shades: 7 shimmering nude hues (Pearly Taupe, Pearly Copper, Pearly Pink, Pearly Peach, Pearly Beige, Pearly Pink Beige, Pearly White) and 5 matte shades (Matte Black, Matte Brown, Matte Taupe Grey, Matte Navy Blue, Matte Green ) for easy smoky eyes.

Aqua Shadow has been specially designed to guarantee:
§     Flawless pigment hold, set onto the eyelid with volatile silicone oils and PVP polymers.
§     A comfortable texture with oily alcohols and lactate ester, which protect against dryness.
§     Silica powder to contribute to easy, slide-on application.
§     Silicone elastomer polymers which provide a filling effect for smooth eyelids.
Ophthalmologist tested.

Aqua Shadow 0E

Aqua Shadow 6E

Aqua Shadow 8E

Aqua Shadow 24E

Aqua Shadow 28E

Aqua Shadow 32E

The above are swatches I took at the event. From left to right, #32E pearly white, #28 E champagne, #24E, pearly warm pink, #22E coppery brown, #26E warm bronze orange, #4E matte dark grey , #2E matte dark brown and #0E matte black.

These feel creamy and glide onto my lids. I rather use my fingers to blend and I feel that my fingers provide a little warmth and helps the product to blend better. 

As you can see, the matte Aqua Shadows do not withstand vigorous rubbing. The shimmer ones are quite tough though.

I dripped saline and proceeded to rub vigorously. Again the matte ones seems to less tenacious as the shimmery one.

I wore them out a couple of times so far, the matte ones still smudged and creased on me slightly after 6 hours.  Although they are water proof (wore them out to the beach for the whole day, they faded a little but did not smudge or crease) they are not quite tear proof. They smudged slightly after I had an intense meal of spicy pho, they also smudged a little after my exercise class.

That being said, I have super duper oily and teary lids, most cream products rarely survive on my lids for long hour. These Aqua Shadows are relatively tenacious on my lids and even though they smudged after 8 hours, it was not a major smudge fest. I did not get horrendous panda eyes If you have no major oily eye lid problem, you should be alright. 

I love how handy and portable they are. Other than the blue and the teal, the colours are relatively safe and user friendly. I will be doing a couple of eye looks to show you how I played with these Aqua Shadows. These cost SGD $37 and will be out in June

You can see all of the Aqua Shadows swatched at Temptalia's blog here and here. Also note that Temptalia has issues with the Aqua Shadows creasing on her.

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks


  1. Wow they are really pretty! I like the light ones. They sounds like they'd be perfect for travel.

    1. Yes they are perfect for travel, I like the neutral colours too.

  2. I tried them at store but the pink one isn't available here :-(
    I was really impressed with the quality of these eyeshadows

    1. The pink one is actually one of my favourites other than the black. It isn't too pink, just a lovely shell pink. Did you pick any from the store?

  3. Thanks for the awesome swatches! I went to find them at Sephora but couldn't find any. The lasting power looks really good based on your review.

    1. Hey Kristie, thanks for dropping by :) perhaps you have to wait just a tad longer before they appear at your Sephora store.


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