Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chanel Ombres Matelassees Eye Shadow Palette 51 Montaigne Review and Swatches (Picture Heavy!)

(Taken from the Chanel website)

Comprised of five gold-imbued eyeshadow shades, this exclusive palette celebrates the opening of the latest Chanel boutique in Paris. Named for the boutique’s street address, ’51 Montaigne,’ the elegant harmony brings together pearl, pale gold, gold, golden khaki and black tones, each embossed with the iconic quilted pattern. Easily blendable, the soft powder texture is luxurious to the touch, while the versatile shade range offers unlimited eye looks. The two darkest shades may be used as eyeliner. Includes one double-tipped sponge applicator and one dual-sided brush/sponge applicator.

Jolyn of Iariae fame is both my Chanel enabler and Chanel alert. Whenever there is news of a new palette or something gorgeous out at Chanel, I would get a buzz from her and it gets me all excited. Well, she was raving about this palette and after seeing it and wearing it, I knew her recommendations was right on the money and perfect for me.

How can I refuse something that has different shades of gold weaved into the palette? If you look closely at the khaki shade, you will see that it is infused with gold. Very pretty indeed. Did I mention I love the quilt design of the shadows too?

All the shadows have been swatched under Nars Smudgeproof eye primer. I know Chanel eye shadows can sometimes be sheer. This is a half and half. Pigmented enough but also can be layered for a super intense look. 

Please check out Jolyn's super smokey look here.  Memoiselle has also done a very beautiful eye look, check it out here

Straight up arm swatches do not do this palette justice. I just have to tell you how the gold glimmers in the sun. I have resorted to taking them sideways so you can see the gold reflected.

Bottom to top:Pearl and light yellow gold

Bottom to top: Warm gold, khaki ad black grey

Look at the khaki shade! Can you see the flashes of gold? Gorgeous I tell you.

The black grey colour applies sightly chalky and sheerer as compared to the other shades but it is no less beautiful.

All the colours are easy to blend and last very well. The following eye look was taken 10 hours after application. I wore it to work so I did a day look. I used more of the khaki shade on the outer corner of my eyes and added just a smidgen for the black grey for emphasis. The gold shade in the middle is also gorgeous and goes so well with the khaki.

Pardon the faded eye liner

A smokier version done by Quiling our super duper MA at Chanel Ion. She used more of the black grey.

I was quite please with my natural look, I rushed home from work to catch a bit of sunshine and quickly took these photos. Can you believe my makeup had been on for about 10 hours?

Burberry Fresh Glow primer
Burberry Sheer Foundation
Burberry Sheer Concealer
Giorgio Armani Microfil Loose Powder

Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Face Palette (to be reviewed soon)
Anna Sui Rose Cheek Colour 400

NARS Smudgeproof Eye Shadow Base
Chanel Montaigne palette (all colours)
Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara

NARS Velvet Matt Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita

This palette costs SGD $102. Ouch! I know but what a lovely piece of luxury to pamper yourself by.   Is it worth the price tag, well it is to me.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. The khaki shade is my favorite! Can you think of any dupes?

  2. Love the khaki shade in this palette, gorgeous gorgeous.

    1. If you love golds, this is the palette to look out for. I just love how coordinated the palette is.

  3. You look very pretty and fresh, wish I looked like that at the end of work :)
    I am really liking the look of that palette and will keep an eye out if we get it over here.

    1. Aw thanks Replica, most days I don't. I usually look and feel like a survivor of a disaster movie. I was having a good day.

  4. I agree that the khaki shade is beautiful! They don't have it here and probably better for my bank as well.

    1. :) I'm bad! Sometimes even when I have no access to a particular product I still find ways to get it. My wallet hates me for sure.

    2. Ah the wonders of borderlinx/vpost! The exchange rate and 25% imposed duties & taxes here in Europe makes it even harder for me to access these things. DAmN!

  5. Thank you for linking my post there sweetie :)
    I can't believe they still look perfect after 10 hours! I should test them next time. The khaki shade is also my fave from the palette.

    1. A big thumbs up for me when it comes to mu is that it has to last as long as I work and in humid conditions. This gets my thumbs up. You are welcome my dear, I love your eotd so share it with everyone.

  6. Holy cow, thanks for the link Jacq! And you know I'm more than happy to be your Chanel anything, I'm just as grateful to have you as my partner in crime, no one understands the need to have a gazillion highlighters as much as you do.

    And your swatches, damm. They are gorgeous and capture the gold-infused shadows perfectly. Puttin' pressure on me already :P And your own attempt put the palette to good use, looking gorgeous babe!

    1. Hugs! Sweetie, I hear by appoint you as my Chanel muse. ;)Yes girl, I am putting pressure on you to show us your amazing hauls.

    2. Haha, play date #2 and I'll let you play with my Kaleidoscopes xD I reckon you would love a strong pop of color Jacq!

      Will get my entries posted as quickly as I can, promise!

  7. This palette is absolutely beautiful xx

  8. Love how it looks on you! The shimmer of the shadows in the light is beautiful. I love how the shades are classic neutrals but are still so complex and interesting. I don't quite like the quilted design though, reminds me a bit of Revlon quads :/

  9. is this palette still available in Singapore? since it's supposed to be LE and all...

  10. Hi, I have this palette and it is the most beautiful (on me) Chanel eye shadow palette I have ever had -- and I've had MANY over the years. Is it worth it to buy a second one as "back-up?" My SA has one on hold for me, but I just can't decide if it's a sensible thing to purchase two, since I have NEVER finished a Chanel quad before, and Chanel is always coming out with new fabulous things. But this one is super special. . .My SA said no to a second one, but his colleague said yes, if I love it. What do you think??

    1. I am not one to buy back ups. I only bought one back up before and in the end I sold it away. There is always a newer and better palette out there in the future. It will take a long time to finish it by then you might find something you like even more.


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