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Sponsored Post: Dermaheal Skin Delight Spot Corrector and Light and Brighten Serum Review

I was contacted by way back in January, they were very generous and offered me a chance too pick and choose the products that I would like to try and review. I naturally gravitated towards the skin brightening products because of my sun spots and old acne scars. I picked up two products from  Dermaheal's Anti-Pigmentation range. One being the Dermaheal Skin Delight Spot Corrector and Dermaheal Lighten and Brighten Serum.

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After years of research in biomimetic peptides, Dermaheal has discovered many peptide candidates for anti-pigmentation and anti-inflammation.

Appearance of melanin is due to an increased number of pigment cells(melanocytes) or increased production of melanin.

Anti-pigmentation Mechanism
Melanogenesis VS Anti-pigmentation mechanism of CG-TGP2

1. CG-ASP blocks α-MSH binding to MC1R
Decrease melanin synthesis and tyrosinase activity in skin melanocyte

2. CG-TGP2 and CG-Purilux induce MITF degradation
Decrease melanosome transferring to keratinocytes

Clinical Test of Anti-pigmentation Cream (CG-TGP2 and CG-ASP)

Aged pigments and spots were decreased after using anti-pigmentation cream for 8 weeks.

The Skin Delight Spot Corrector comes in a plastic container with a pump dispenser. One pump gives way too much product so I use only about half a pump which is more than sufficient to cover my darkest and largest sunspots.

It is a slightly thick gel consistency that melts into the skin. It is easily absorbed and never feels greasy on the skin.


I like squeeze tubes, they may not look the most sophisticated but it is so easy to get at the remaining products. Because of the liquid consistency of the product inside, I store this tube the other way up, I find that if I do not once I open the cap, product oozes out copiously.

The Lighten and Brighten serum is a gel with a much thinner consistency that the Spot Corrector. It is also very lightweight and easily absorbed. It never feels greasy on the skin.

These are my before shots of my sun spots. They cluster around my eye area and I have a large sun spot on each side on my eye area. I asked DH to help take these shots and I know that if I wanted to make an objective comparison I need to use the same lighting and same angle to take the shot. I need you to understand that in a one sometimes two men operation it can be quite hard especially if one is using a point and shoot camera. So forgive me in advance.

The first month of using it was quite a disappointment. I did not see any effect at all, then I came to a realization that hey maybe too much of a good thing is not good at all. You see, I was also using my Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair serum, I had stubbornly refused to give up using it. So I decided to give it a rest and use the Spot Corrector and serum exclusively. I also read that we should always use the product with the most active ingredients first on bare skin so immediately after toning I use the Spot Corrector followed by my eye cream and the Lighten and Brighten serum and finally my moisturiser.

The effects were the most noticeable after my staycation recently. I was out in the sun a lot and even though I piled on my sunblock it was inevitable that my face got darker. During that period I also left my two products at home in favour of travel friendly samples. When I got back home I resumed my normal routine and after two weeks my face was almost back to normal.

The above pictures were taken recently. As you can see lighting affects how my sun spots look. I have one bigger sun spot on each side f my face. These two sun spots look minimally lighter to me.

I'll be honest, I feel that the products seem better for maintenance than actually reducing sun spots for me. I see only slight reductions in my sun spots. Perhaps I have too many sun spots. They are not a miracle workers for me. Perhaps lades who do not have so many sun spots as I do will find them more effective. As an overall face brightener it works better, it is more obvious to me especially after spending time in the sun.

That being said,  I don't think any one product can magically erase all sun spots and acne scars or brighten face to the point of flawlessness.

The Lighten and Brighten serum costs SGD$108 and the Spot Corrector costs SGD$108.

Ratings: 2+ lipsticks

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