Monday, April 30, 2012

Make Up For Ever Event

I was absolutely thrilled and honored to have been invited by the good "tribe" at Make Up For Ever to attend their product launch a week ago. 

I was obsessing about what I would wear for makeup and clothes as I wanted to make a good impression. There were going to be other makeup bloggers and I was eager to make new friends.

I want one of my own!

I was early and so had time to take pictures of all the displays before the others came in. 

The Aqua range of products

High Definition Range for complexion

Primers and the HD foundation (one of my favourites)

Rouge Artist lipsticks
Liza Haron the Academy Director and National Trainer for Make Up For Ever Singapore and Malaysia was around to talk about her 18 years of experience in the cosmetics industry.

It is always a pleasure for me to meet someone who is so knowledgeable about the beauty industry.  You rock Liza!

Liza wanted to show us the HD range of products in action and one of the beauty bloggers gamely volunteered

After removing her makeup, Liza proceeded to apply the HD Elixir followed by the HD Primer. Then she applied the HD foundation and dabbed the concealer. She also used the HD blush. I was particularly intrigued by the HD Powder which I have heard about but never got to try. I am still waiting for my tub of loose powder to finish.

The various primers are coloured to target correct skin imperfections. 

Kabuki brush

Makeup was applied on the left side of her face. I am not sure why but our model's left side actually appears more lifted to me. Liza attributes that to the HD Elixir. I want to try some like now!

Can you believe throughout the talk and demonstration I had about 50 tantalizing shades of lipsticks just sitting there within my reach?

I was dying to swatch them but was trying my best to keep my itchy fingers to myself. The lamest thing is after the demonstration when we were literally let loose to swatch to our hearts content I totally forgot about them until it was too late. Sigh!

I was stuck at the Aqua display because I was totally sucked in by the pretty colors. I was totally unsystematic in the way I swatched and photographed so pardon me. This noob blogger will learn to be more professional and not act like a giddy school girl when faced with ginormous amounts of makeup.

Seriously random swatches coming up

I was attracted to the silvery lilac shade of the Aqua Cream.

Aqua Eyes in 8L

Totally random, not useful and messy swatches!

I played with the Mist and Fix as well. I sprayed it on my face for fun. 

Lovely Musical Houses of Of Faces and Fingers fame was very kind to allow me to photograph her arm swatches of all the Aqua Liners which by the way I own quite a few of. 

From right to left
#1 - Diamond Gold
#3 - Iridescent Emerald Green
#4 - Diamond Lagoon Green
#5 - Diamond Turquoise Blue
#6 - Iridescent Navy Blue
#7- Diamond Black Purple
#8 - Iridescent Electric Purple
#9 - Iridescent Fuchsia

From right to left

#10 - Iridescent Red
#11 - Diamond Burgundy
#12 - Mat Mocha
#13 - Mat Black
#14 - Diamond Multi Colour Black
#15 - Iridescent Anthracite
#16 - Diamond White

This is a picture of some of the bloggers I met at the event. Velma (I hope I got your name correct !) on my left, Musicalhouses and Goodies for the Beauties on my right respectively.

See those black boxes at the bottom of the picture, I got me a goodie box! (Doing a happy dance!) I will show you what is inside soon!

Anyway you want to know something really embarrassing. I commited serious makeup blogger faux pas. After the event I went to the ladies to freshen up and lo and behold my black eye liner smudged!!! I was walking around with very obvious black smudges under my eyes and everyone was too polite to say anything about it. There I was grinning like an idiot at everyone all the while spotting major panda eyes.

Lesson learned, do not under any circumstances wear black eye liner that may smudge on events where you want to impress. So totally not cool!

Anyway, I have posted reviews of Mae Up For Ever products before. You can them check them out below:

Aqua Liners 6 and 13

Aqua Liners 3, 4 and 8

High Definition foundation in 123 Desert

Aqua Cream No. 5

Aqua Cream No. 19 and 22

Aqua Cream No. 11, 20 and 21

Aqua Lip Liners in 16C and 17C

HD Blush No. 14 Starstruck

HD Blush No. 5 Nipslip

HD Blush First Kiss

HD Blush Quickie

Eye Seal

Metal Powder Sun Gold


  1. Oh I would love to attend an event like that! I really like MUFE's products.

    1. I was very very lucky to have been invited, I still can't believe my luck.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! I'm intrigued by the HD Elixer. I always seem to have makeup mishaps at the most inopportune moments as well!

  3. Replies
    1. Hey Caise thanks for popping by. It was like paradise to me :)

  4. Ahh lucky you! Sounds like it was a makeup blogger's dream day! All the colours in neat little rows! I love your dress too, great choice.

    1. Thanks Rachel, nothing makes me happier than swatching to my heart's content without an SA to hover over me.

  5. U certainly had a good time! Wat are the highly recommended products?

    1. Miaka, things I would pick up for myself would be the hd elixir, micro finish powder and more aqua liquid liners. Their foundation is also very good, medium to full coverage, great for photo taking. I use it for nights and special occasions.

  6. Again you look great! I have always been wanting to try their eye liner and cream shadow, I have heard good reviews about them. Did you pick up anything?

    1. I got to bring home their latest range of lippies to try and a few other things as well. I'll be posting them soon.

  7. If you don't mind me asking, how did you get that invitation? You're so lucky!

    Great post too btw, the aqua liners look amazing.

    1. Hi sweetie, I received an invite through email. I love the Aqua Liners.


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