Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good Friday staycation with bestie (Pic Heavy)

Bestie D and I decided to do a girl's night out on the Good Friday holiday. We wanted to do it big so we booked ourselves into Swissotel Merchant Court. We were given a room right on the top floor so we had a nice view of Clark Quay. It was raining in the beginning but thankfully the weather became really nice.

The room was very cozy.

We were given chocolate bunnies on arrival.
A woman's sanctuary

I must say the service at Swissotel Merchant Court is impeccable. We were made to feel welcomed and pampered. The sweetie handling our check in was so accommodating. We had an early check in and late check out. The staff was warm. If I were to give Swissotel a rating, it would be 5 lipsticks.

I think these days hotels go out of their way to make all guests feel welcomed. I remember when my DH booked a room at an uptown hotel at Orchard Road on our second wedding anniversary eons ago. They made us wait till 4 pm to check in. The security guard demanded to know why my DH was hanging around in the lobby just because he was in shorts and a t-shirt. Their restaurant which served their famous chicken rice had a piece of chicken on the floor. When I pointed it out to a waiter, the waiter kicked the piece of chicken aside!  During out stay we were made to feel like second class citizens. It felt like just because we were Singaporeans we did not deserve the kind of service specially reserved for overseas visitors. We were so mad. We were also very naive and meek then so we suffered in silence and vowed never to step foot in that place again. I wish we had the courage to make noise then! I am sure service there is better now but the initial experience has soured the place for us. Have you ever had an awful experience like that before?

Anyway on to the rest of my story. 

As it was still drizzling we went out to Central Mall for lunch. They had cute balloon sculptures on display. Every now and then we would hear balloons bursting because kids with itchy fingers could not resist squeezing them. I wonder how the sculptures are going to last. 

We had a lack lustre lunch at Pasta Waraku but made up for it with delicious ice cream at the Marble Slab Creamery.

Red Velvet ice cream

Red Velvet, Rocher or me?

I can never skip the pool, it is always the highlight of any hotel stay for me. The pool was pretty cool and very family friendly. There were slides for the little kiddies.

Vain pot pose!

At night we headed down to Attica for some dancing and drinks.

Lancome La Base primer
MUFE HD Foundation
GA High Precision Retouch concealer
GA Microfil Loose Powder

Chanel Joues Contraste Tea Rose
MAC Lustre Drops Pink Rebel

Nars Smudeproof Eye Shadow Base
UD Naked Palette (Buck, Creep and Sin)
Chanel Illusion d'Ombre (Mirifique and Fantasme)
MUFE Aqua Eyes 0L (matte black)
Kate gel eye liner
Dollywink liquid eye liner
Ardell lashes 110

MAC lip liner Burgundy
Guerlain Rouge Automatique L'heure Bleue

My other ramblings.

I have been best friends with my bestie D for more than 10 years now, imagine that. We met through dance classes and I always remember the wonderful times we had dancing and performing together. I have many friends but I have my precious one and only best friend. We do not need to always meet up but when we do, we pick up like we met the day before. She has seen me through everything from when I was dating to the time I got married, got pregnant, had my baby till now. I am sure she knows this but I just have to say how thankful I am to have a steady rock like her to lean on. Love you D!

Do you have a best friend story to share? I love to hear.


  1. What a beautiful post! And you're one sexy fox too even after having kids!

    I have had a few besties throughout my life. They travel far to visit me and listen to my frustrations even with a 12 hour time difference. Sometimes we don't talk for a while because of the distance, but when we meet, it's like we were never too far away.

    1. Tracy, that is quite a distance. I bet you have girly days out too.

  2. You look hot!!
    Looking at your post makes me want to have a getaway with Monica as well. It has been so long since we had a holiday together :D

    1. Do it Meryl, squeeze out whatever time you have and spend buddy time with Monica, we only have this one lifetime and life is too short not to spend with our loved ones.

  3. Hey Jac!

    Nice post!!!!
    I think in life we don’t need a lot of friends, just a few good ones to count on.
    I am lucky to have a few besties whom we talk about everything and anything, though we hardly get to catch up due to work schedules. When we meet up, I don’t feel awkward and we still can share about anything and everything. :D
    And, we always end up chatting to the wee hours (time is never enough for us!).

    1. Thanks Elaine, we should start a "Hug our Bestie day". ;)

  4. Awesome way to spend Good Friday! True friends are such a blessing =)

  5. You look so cute in that sundress! And that red velvet ice cream looks so tempting too! :) I live pretty far from close friends and family, but my 3 closest friends (since high school hehe) are always so easy to catch up with when I do see them. Its like we can just pick up where we left off. My hubby is getting out of the military so I'm hoping to move back home in a year maybe! I miss them!

    1. Hi Emmy Jean, thanks for popping by. The red velvet ice cream was delicious. I only discovered red velvet cupcakes last year and I must say I love them so much. I hope you get to catch up with your close friends soon. Besties are good for the soul.

  6. Wheee another staycation? Lucky you! It looks like so much fun, and you're as gorgeous as always!

    My bestie and I have known each other for 10 years too! She also moved to Belgium recently, so we wound up being in the same country again! The luck I have!

    1. Hi Sunny, thanks. You know what I have a really good friend in Belgium too, she moved over many years back, I've know her since I was 18! You are lucky to have your bestie close by, do you meet up often?


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