Friday, March 9, 2012

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue Review

I have been suffering from eye shadow fallout from my Shu Uemura Air palette.

 I decided to get the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue to help.

I also have the regular Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Anyway Glitter Glue is a lot tackier but still blends smoothly into a transparent layer quickly. It literally grabs on to my eye shadow and keeps it there. Since I have used it, I do not have fall out issues with the glitter green eye shadow. 

Shu Uemura Air Palette green shadow on top of Glitter Glue
Glitter Glue works well with loose pigments and shadows that are prone to fall out. I do not use this with my normal pressed shadows because I find that my shadows are very hard to blend when I use Glitter Glue. If I am using both loose and pressed eye shadow, I use Glitter Glue only on the part of my lids where I want my loose pigment shadow or glitter shadow and use the normal Shadow Insurance everywhere else.

I forgot how much I paid for this but it is between SGD$35 to $40 if I'm not mistaken. This cost USD $18 on the Sephora website.

Honestly you don't need this unless you have many sparkly and glittery eye shadows or use loose pigment which are prone to fall out.

Ratings: 2+ lipsticks


  1. Why only 2+ lipsticks? Sounds like it did what it was supposed to do? The glitter is really pretty! I used to have TFSI but I still prefer UDPP - I found TFSI too wet and creamy and didn't hold down eyeshadow as well (which meant more eye irritation for me).

    1. Hi Rachel ;) just because it doesn't work well as a all purpose eye primer. I prefer my eye primers to work well with all textures. It is very difficult to blend eye shadows with this.

    2. I have the regular shadow insurance. Never heard of this before though. Thanks for sharing your inputs!

  2. Is this meant for eye shadow primer as well? how does it compared to urban decay's primer potion? pr maybe nars primer?

    1. Hey Meryl, I would recommend this to replace your regular eye primer I am currently testing out the Nars primer, I feel it is a better overall primer.


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