Thursday, March 22, 2012


I know you are very bored with my Capella staycation photos but I can't help it. It is a favourite place of mine and DH's to relax in. More photos for you from my most recent stay.

Chocolates for me?
Bob's Bar

Beautiful skies for the entire stay

Views from the 5th level

On our way to the pool to swim some laps

I took the opportunity to bring out my latest beauty acquisitions to photograph.


The friendly inhabitants at the hotel

Mommy pea hen and pea chick decided to drop into our villa for a quick nibble and a drink

Both of them checking out our villa, I hope they approved
One of the evenings we popped by Resorts World for a look see. We checked out the Malaysian Food Street which was so crowded. We only managed to eat the chendol which was absolutely delicious. The set up was very cool, from the photographs you would expect it to be an outdoor setting but it is actually an indoor area made to look like streets in Malaysia.

I think my DS must be very hungry!

I hope I haven't bored you.


  1. What lovely staycation pictures! Definitely not bored with the post! If you have a chance to drop by RWS Malaysia Food Street again, try the prawn mee - it's absolutely yummy! But then the standards differ sometimes so be sure to go on a less busy day (and avoid peak periods in the evening) ;)!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Eileen, can you believe I'm allergic to prawns, I get a terrible breakout of hives but I can still eat the noodles? I always pass the prawns to DH. Peak periods are crazy!

  2. It looks lovely as ever! So restful and peaceful looking. I'm still a fan of really short getaways to nearby islands though - did Langkawi last year, probably not doing any holidays in the near future because I'm trying to save up, boo. Can you believe I've not heard of this Food Street before? Perhaps I should drop by some time, but most days after work I just want to go home and avoid the town area, and on weekends I don't want to come to town either.


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