Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shu Uemura Celestial Garden Spring 2012 Light Palette Swatches and Reviews

I went to Tangs to replace my eye lash curler. I had my old Shu eyelash curler for more than a year now and it is just gross. I have been cleaning it with my MAC brush cleanser every time I use it. I think the cleanser is quite bad for it because over time, my curler developed patches of rust.

Anyway, the new spring collection Celestial Garden was out. I read and saw swatches on Joey's Space and fell in love with the swatches of the eye palettes. (You should know by now, my decisions to buy make up is totally swayed by bloggers and swatches.) 

I swatched all three palettes Air, Light and Scent and was torn between Scent and Light. The MA there recommended Light which I bought eventually. I am still dreaming of Scent, hm.... 

I skipped the new Cream Dome blushes even though I am such a blush whore. Joey reported that they were quite sheer and subtle. I did a swatch and they barely showed up on me so I safely skipped them.

The Air palette is quite a tiny little thing for SGD $65. I read that you can actually get this cheaper in Hong Kong. At the US website, this sells for USD $39 which works up to SGD$51. Grr.... I hate paying for marked up make up. If you plan to collect these palettes, you should buy them on line at the Shu Uemura US website, I am not sure whether they accept International credits cards though, if anyone of you has ordered from them, can you let me know?

The glittery green had me at hello, it is the prettiest sparkly green ever.

The light yellow is a more forgiving yellow than the one featured in my Dior Garden Pastel palette. It is a cheery yellow that blends so beautifully. I truly appreciate the inclusion of the brown which I feel ties the whole palette together and makes it easier for make up noobs like myself to play with. The textures of the yellow and brown are almost creamy. Shu Uemura has one of the nicest formulations for eye shadows.

Here is a look I did. The yellow shade all over my lids and the brown on the outer corners and for contouring. I used my beige shade from my Lancome palette as a brow highlight. I then patted the sparkly green on the inner corner of my lids with a brush.

After about an hour I realise that I suffered from glittery green fall out. I had glitter all over my cheeks! I probably need to apply the green shade with my fingers instead of a brush.

The Celestial Garden eye shadows are smaller in size from the regular Shu eye shadows. By the way, the yellow gold shadow is an old Shu eye shadow, I do not have the new version to compare. Sorry! The MA said that I could remove the pans after I have finished and place two normal pans.

I also wanted to show you my favourite eye lash curler. I have been buying Shu Uemura's eye lash curlers for years. I love how it fits my eyes.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. hey babe, isit just me who feels that this Celestial Garden Spring palette looks sheerer than normal Shu shadows?

    1. I would have to agree, they are sheerer than the normal Shu eye shadows I have.

  2. Sheer as they may be, the green shadow is gorgeous! :)

    1. Once in a while I get sucked in by gorgeous glitter. I tell you the green is the star of the palette.

  3. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...


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