Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lush Bath Bombs!

I love bath tubs! I love soaking in bath tubs! I love everything about bath tubs! Unfortunately living in a flat in Singapore doesn't allow you the luxury of having a bath tub. 

I think part of the allure of bath tubs for me is the fact that it is a rare treat. So when I get the opportunity I tote along my bath soaks, bubble bath and what have you.

I have been wanting to try Lush Bath Bombs since I laid my eyes on them. Bath Bombs make me want to go out and buy a bath tub!

When I heard that DH was going to bring us for a staycation I headed down to Lush to pick up some bath bombs to try. You know the feeling of being in a candy store, I was exactly like that. So many bath bombs so few occasions to use them. I eventually settled for three.

I bought for myself Think Pink SGD$7.90, Rose Queen SGD $8.50 and Space Girl SGD $6.50.

Are they gorgeous! I left that at the hotel sink and the bathroom smelled so good for the few days we were staying there!

Think Pink

It was fun watching it fizzled and turn the water pink.

Paper hearts in the bath bomb! How cool is that???
Rose Queen

Bits of dried flowers in the bath bomb
Space Girl
I left Space Girl for my DS to use because it is blue and looks like a planet. He was excited and was expecting it to explode since it was called a bath bomb. Unfortunately no pictures of how it looks like. It turned the water to a light blue though.

Lush Bath Bombs are a luxury but something worth trying. They make your skin smell so good and just soaking in it made me feel relaxed and pampered.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. It's such a relaxing luxury to be able to soak in a tub with LUSH bath bombs! Lucky you. :)

  2. These look amazing!! I wish there was a lush near me.

    1. Lush products are just one of those that may prove to be difficult to buy online. Especially the bath bombs, they can be quite crumbly and need to be handled with more tlc than other stuff.

  3. I don't have a bathtub, but even when I did I seldom ever took a bath. I don't seem to have enough patience to sit in the tub for some reason!

    I have tried LUSH bath bombs but was just fine with them. LUSH stores always make me sneeze, and I think the bombs are a little too pricey for what they are. For a staycation it's perfect though!

    1. It is a once in a while luxury. Spending that much for something that lasts only for one use isn't something I will do everyday too. :)

  4. Tracy has left a new comment on your post "Lush Bath Bombs!":

    Looks divine! If only I had a bathtub too!

    Sorry Tracy, I accidentally deleted your comment by mistake.

  5. Nice! I wish I had a bathtub to soak in.. Even when I travel, sometimes I'm wary of the bathtubs as they don't look their cleanest.. lol..

    1. Can I just say ew... okay now you got me worried. I'll be scrutinising bath tubs from now on. Perhaps give it a really hot rinse.

    2. Yeah my mother has always told us never to use hotel's bath-tubs. But what-they-hey, when you have such fantastic bath balls, i don't blame you for using them! BTW, i don't see any foam whatsoever! LOL! So these balls just give colour and fragrance? Do they actually clean? And since there is no foam, do you have to rinse after?

      Hope you don't mind the many questions, they are mighty expensive, and i was thinking of getting the rose one, so wanted to find out more first. Thanks in advance!

    3. Hey Melissa, you are right, they don't foam at all. Other than colour and fragrance I do feel that my skin felt moisturized. I always rinse after :) They are expensive so I buy them only to treat myself.

    4. Thanks for replying Jacqueline! Did you feel clean after? I've read many reviews on these bathbombs, and everyone talks about the scent and experience, but it doesn't seem to actually clean, haha! Isn't that funny that the bathbombs don't fulfill their actual purpose? LOL!

      PS - I just bought the Fizzbanger, but am yet to use it. ;)

    5. Melissa lol I think the bath bombs aren't supposed to help you clean yr body. But I could be wrong, I'll ask the next time in in the store. I bought bubble bars a few days ago. I'm dying to try them out, I'll let you know how they work.


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