Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mini Blogger's Summit and major haul!

I had the opportunity of meeting the fabulous Luna of Lunaface fame and Elaine of Miss Elaine-nio fame on Saturday. Sweet Luna offered to buy us stuff from the US and naturally I went overboard. We decided to meet up to exchange make up. (It was my first time meeting the both of them.) And oh what a whale of a time we had. While munching on our skinny pizzas, we swapped tips and favourites.

I hauled Inglot eye shadow pans, the 20 pan palette and the Relvon lip butters. I fell in love with Elaine's Anna Sui haul and dragged both of them to the Anna Sui counter at Isetan Wisma to buy the new blushers. As you can see, I ended up with with 3. 

Elaine also brought us to the Chanel counter to look at the new Le Blanc collection and swatch the new Joues Contraste Fleur De Lotus. Luna and I totally gushed over it and in the end all three of us got a piece. One thing I love about shopping with make up addicts like myself, there is absolutely no reproach from anyone when I go all haul crazy and haul every item I like. Whereas if I go with my regular friends they would be like, are you crazy? You only have one face you know, how do you intend to finish all of it. 

The thing is, we make up addicts have long gave up on the notion of ever finishing make up. It is just to own and hold it close to our hearts.

Elaine has her own little blog shop called beautypalacesg, my naughty eyes caught sight of the Clio eye pencils and I bought one to experiment.

And you know what I received mini prezzies from both lovely ladies. (Thanks sweeties!)

This is from lovely Luna. Sorry about the Kit Kat, my DS jumped on it when he saw it, there was no chance of taking a pristine Kit Kat!

And from Elaine. I am a very happy happy woman. Thanks ladies for such a wonderful Saturday afternoon.

Swatches and reviews soon!


  1. Blogger meet ups are fun! You hauled lip butters! I'm interested to know what you think of them. :)

    1. Oh yes! It is always wonderful meeting like minded people! I am dying to try them out myself. I am just waiting for a good excuse.

  2. Wow, Jacqueline, you are really rolling in the makeup goodness these days :)
    I'm eager to hear your thoughts on Inglot's mattes (did you get any?). I wish I had Inglot near me.

    1. Hey Boo Boo, what a good way to put it, I'm practically swimming in make up these days ;). I'm waiting for my 20 pan palette from a friend before I start swatching. I got myself the various finishes and yes I did get some mattes to try. Watch out for my posts!

  3. Hi Jacq,
    Great meeting you and Luna.
    Girly outings are always fun.

    Can't wait to hear about your reviews on your hauls. :)

    1. I've been putting some of my hauls through their paces, i used my Anna Sui blush in 301, peach parfait lip butter and the Inglot gel eye liner today.

  4. Ahh that sounds like such a fun meeting! I agree that fellow makeup addicts make the best enablers ever. Really looking forward to what you think about the lip butters, I've been so busy recently that I haven't had the time to check them out yet. Looks like you have a ton of new stuff to try though! ;)


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