Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chanel Blush Horizon De Chanel Swatches and Reviews

I cannot resist Chanel, try as I might. So when the Spring collection rolled in I headed straight for the blush. Yup! Another pretty looking blush. This sells for SGD $100 at the counters. So expensive! I bought it at Nordstroms for USD $58 or SGD $76. I hear you can also get it at the airport for cheaper too.

Standard velvet casing with a separate one for the slanted blush brush. 

The casing is the same size as the Brompton Road blush.

Isn't it pretty?

Finger swatch
Sponge applicator swatches

It is hard to get good swatches because some of the strips are so thin, so I used my sponge applicators.

Horizon is a peach pink blush with hints of coral. I feel that it is warmer in colour than Brompton Road and more suitable for light to medium skin tones. It blends very well onto my cheeks and gives me a nice peach pink blush. It lasts the whole day and so I do not need to bother with reapplication. 

It isn't an exciting blush shade but its Chanel so I come to expect great finely milled texture, formulation and durability!

Horizon on my cheeks
Please get this from the DFS airport if you can, SGD$100 for a Chanel blush is hard to swallow.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. i would get this if isn't sold out >.< in Malaysia it's gone! :( and at RM215 summore!

    1. Plue, it is a pretty blush but I just don't think it is worth that much, RM215 is crazy!

    2. but still ppl go gaga over it, not the most unique shade, but since it's from Chanel... :P can buy I guess :P

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