Thursday, February 2, 2012

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow No. 22 Pale Barley Review and Swatches

I love Burberry Sheer Eye Shadows. After my very first purchase of Porcelain (reviewed here) There was no turning back or stopping. The Spring 2012 collection features 1 new eye shadow and I was all over it.

Pale Barley is a golden wheat shade. Great as an all over lid colour.

The above shows how Pale Barley looks on my lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance underneath. 

When I put my Rosewood and Pale Barley side by side, they look quite similar.

Left to right: Rosewood and Pale Barley

Left to right: Pale Barley and Rosewood

Pale Barley is more golden and neutral in my opinion whereas Rosewood has a tinge of taupe and pink. If you own Rosewood, I don't think you need Pale Barley.

Here is my partially finished look. Pale Barley all over the lids with Porcelain on the brow bones. Lunasol Eye Pencil in Black smudged with Rosewood on top, close to my lash line.

Finally topped with All Bell's D2122 fake lashes.

If you like neutrals and don't have many Burberry Sheer Eye Shadows, this is a great shadow to pick up and try.  You will use this often because it is such an easy colour to use. The texture is finely milled and pigmented. They last all day and blend gorgeously. But if you already have many neutrals, Pale Barley isn't that special a shade that you have to rush out and get. Mind you these go for SGD $46 a pop.

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks.


  1. I think Rosewood is prettier, but I love taupes! The lashes are really nice too, they look very suitable for day wear.

    1. They look quite close but I can't resist Bb shadows. Yup it is so nice as a overall lid colour.

  2. ah Jacqueline! I think you have tonS of eyeshadows! Please let us see your whole collection :) :)

    1. so embarrassing! He he I must wait till my Dh is out of the house before I take my entire stash of Bb shadows out. I'll be nagged at if he sees how much I have! :)


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