Thursday, January 12, 2012

Zuneta and Modcloth Haul!

I went to the post office on Thursday to pick up my Zuneta and Modcloth haul. I love parcels, there are always good things inside! 

What's inside??? Mainly Edward Bess items. As much as I wanted to pick up things from Rouge Bunny Rouge, I couldn't decide and the colours I really wanted to try were sold out. Since I'm a highlighter whore recently, I thought why not get more highlighters.

I bought two quad royales in Summer Capri and South of France. I also bought myself a bronzer called Daydream.

Sweet! Everything looks good and I am totally contented with my purchases. I can't wait to test them out!

Here is what I got from Modcloth. Something for Valentine's Day to bring out my inner diva.

It fits! Swatches and reviews soon, stay tuned!


  1. Awesome haul!! I got myself some Edward Bess from Zuneta too!! The 20% discount makes it so worth!! I'm assuming you already know, but just in case, the code is ELLE20 =)

    Do review the quad royales pls!!

  2. Luna I missed out on the 20% off but at least I had a 10% discount. Show me yours sweetie and I'll show you more of mine;)

    1. Looking forward to your thoughts on these as I have been eyeing up the quad royales :)

    2. Hi Replica, thanks for your comment, I am going to try them today! I love new make up.

  3. Oh.My.God.
    Edward Bess.....
    It goes hand in hand with Tom Ford for me XDD

    Anyway, let us see those reviews and FOTDs and OOTDs with the dress! ^.^

    1. Anna, I know what you mean :) Tom Ford is something I'm thinking about but resisting at the same time. Yes, hopefully my schedule will free up and I'll be able to make use of my new dress!

  4. Edward Bess! I'm so jealous Jacqueline, swatches soon please :) x



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