Monday, January 2, 2012

Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour in Big Bang and Punch Drunk Review and Swatches

I first saw these guys at Temptalia's blog, I was blown away by the colours. I knew these were something I needed to check out for myself. I picked up Big Bang and Punch Drunk a few months back and finally got around to review them.

There are a total of 5 shades.

F- bomb - Red (cream)
Punch Drunk - Bright orange (cream)
Adrenaline - Raspberry red (shimmer & glitter)
Crush - Blue pink (cream)
Big Bang - Raspberry pink (shimmer & glitter)

You can see swatches of all the colours here at We Heart This too.

There is nothing demure and sweet about these High Gloss Lip Color. I think they are very representative of the Urban Decay's image, fun, funky and in your face colours.

I wanted so much to bring F-bomb home with me but I fear its intensity. I can't do too glossy reds at all. They make my lips look like a monkey's bottom. I ended up with my two favourite hues. Bright pink and orange. I would have preferred cream finishes and would have gladly bought Crush but I was afraid that it might look very much like my Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Shalimar.

Left to right: Punch Drunk and Big Bang

When in doubt I tend to veer to bright oranges and pinks.

These High Gloss lip colours are intense and gives a opaque finish. Not for the faint hearted. They lasted for a few hours after food and drinks. After food and drinks, I could still see a uniformed stain left behind on my lips. Unfortunately, the stain is very stubborn and hard to remove. Even after using my eye and lip make up remover and washing with cleansing foam, the stain remained. My lips stayed stained to the next day. It was only after a second attempt of make up removal then the stain disappears. These also did not feel very moisturising or creamy. They don't reapply well after either. My lips peeled after removal.

I was very wary of Big Bang, although I love how shimmery and sparkly it was, I was afraid that the fuschia glitter would be gritty. It wasn't the case. I did not feel the glitter and it felt comfortable on my lips. They wore for 3 to 4 hours with the glitter fading away.

Punch Drunk is a colour that can be hard to pull off. It is a bit too bright even for me. So I apply lightly and blot to make it more subdued.

The high gloss comes in jumbo pencils, so you will need a pencil sharpener for jumbo pencils like the one below.

(Image taken from Urban Decay website)
These sell for USD$19 or SGD $32. I feel kinda ripped off but there isn't anywhere else you can get these. I don't see it at the Urban Decay website, neither can I find it at Amazon. 

Although the colours are gorgeous, there are many things going against these jumbo pencils. For its price, I expected them to be more gentle and forgiving on the lips. They are drying and worst of all stubborn to remove. They do not reapply well and to top if off, you need to buy a separate sharpener. I won't be buying these again.

Ratings: 1 lipstick


  1. I like Punch Drunk. Your lips look juicy with it. :)

  2. Hi Jacqueline, I think most high pigmented lip colours are a tad drying. But the colours look great on you and your lips look healthy. I think Punch Drunk look good as it is. Please post a full look soon :)

  3. Aw... thanks Pammy. I just wish they were more comfortable to wear. These two are definitely going into my blog sale soon.

  4. Happy New Year Jacq! Hope first day back in school wasn't too hectic. :)

    Re highly pigmented lippies, you might want to look at Stila Long Wear Lip Color. They are quite pigmented and last pretty well for me, though a little drying. I know the Escentials counter in Tangs stock this, so you might wanna take a look on your way to the Burberry beauty counter. :)

  5. Morning KS, argh it was very hectic plus the fact that I couldn't sleep the night before!
    Thanks for the recc, I checked them out, outrageous and exhilarating look like my kind of colours. Have you tried this?
    So how did your get together go in December? I wish I could have joined you! If you have another please can I join you 😊


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