Thursday, January 19, 2012

Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eye liner in Retrograde Review and Swatches

I bought this when I was wondering around Sephora last month. Although I already have quite a few of MUFE Aqua Liners, I can't resist a colourful eye liner that promises to be water proof. 

As you can see both MUFE and UD have almost the same style packaging. They also have the same amount of product at 1.7 ml.

Left to right: UD and MUFE
The applicators are different though. Instead of a foam tip applicator, it comes with a very fine tipped brush. I'm not really skilled at drawing precise lines so prefer foam tip applicators because they are much easier to handle. The UD brush applicator was just slightly more difficult to get the hang of. But after some practice it becomes easier.

Left to right: UD and MUFE
UD looks like a darker and less opaque purple. I need to layer it twice before the colour will show up well.  It has tiny glitters that shine under the light. That was what got me hooked in the first place. They are completely waterproof just like MUFE and they are also quite difficult to remove. They don't dissolve instead flake off when you rub it. It is best to use a bi-phase eye make up remover to clean it off. There is no way of removing this gently so I do worry about the state of my eye lids in the long run.

UD liners are cheaper at USD $18 or SGD $32 as compared to MUFE at USD $23 or SGD $38. 

There are a total of 11 shades available. Check out Temptalia's gorgeous swatches of all of them here.

Woodstock- Hot pink
Eldorado - Gold
Siren - Dark teal
Radium - Dark blue
Sabbath - Dark navy blue

Smog - Khaki brown
Demolition - Black brown
Bobby Dazzle - Silver
Revolver - Grey
Perversion - Black

I'm loving the look of Siren.

Here is a simple look I did to show off Retrograde in its full glory. GA Eyes To Kill in Sweet Fire all over the lids. A little UD Deluxe Shadow in Ransom on the outer corners of the eyes and MAC eye shadow in Sweet Lust as a brow highlight.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks


  1. I really like retrograde for the deep royal purple and shimmers. :)

    1. I find the easy to line and the colour though not as bright looks great with neutral shadows.

  2. I believe you’ve produced some genuinely fascinating points. Not too lots of individuals would actually consider this the way you just did. I'm actually impressed that there is so a great deal info about this subject that have been uncovered and you did it so nicely, with so substantially class. Thanks.

    1. Hey Beth, thank you for your comment. I am glad you found my post useful to you. Your comments make me strive to write better, so thank you so much.


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