Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lash Haul and Saturday Cheap Thrills!

I just wanted to share with you my recent hauls and ramble a bit.

I picked this up at the post office this Saturday. I am so excited about it. Of Faces and Fingers did a post about lashes she received from KKCentrehk not long ago. The lashes that she reviewed looked so nice. I am a false lash addict even though I don't wear them as often I as I like. I still have a boxful of Ardell's lurking in my closet but I can't resist trying new styles. So I went to the website and bought me some lashes.

ES 10 Pairs Top Natural Last Dense Cross Black Eyelash USD  $8

COSMOS Five Pairs Bright Series Of False Eyelashes- CN01 USD $14

Hand Made Extra Green Plumes Feather False Eye Lashes  USD $3.69
Honestly I don't know when I will ever wear the above pair but what the heck! You never know when right?

I paid USD $7.93 for registered air mail. I ordered on Christmas Day and received it on 5th  January 2012. So the package took 11 days to get to me. In total I spent USD$31.05 because I managed to shave off 10% of my order using this discount code BLGA285CO10. I am not sure if it still works though.

Anyway I did not notice that my order did not reflect my full shipping address, the unit number was left out. I must praise my local post office. I have been receiving many packages over the years so when the courier couldn't find a unit number, somehow the post office knew to ask them to try my unit number. How cool is that! When I picked my package up at the post office (I wasn't at home to receive my package) I praised and thanked them. They are so clever!

I can't tell how good these lashes are yet, I'll try them out and review them later. But I had a good giggle when I read this. It came out from the back of my ES lash box.

Say what???

After picking up my package, I had a lovely late breakfast with my BFF, D at Breko Cafe at Holland Village. It was our first time there and we loved the food.

I don't get to see my BFF very often but when we do, we always have a blast. She is my only BFF and I treasure her. We known each other for more than 10 years and she has been with me through thick and thin. Love you D!

I dragged her to Sasa to show her the Loreal Infallibles and ended buying another two. I know I said I won't be buying them any more but who can resist the price? D bought Emerald Lame and Black Onyx whereas I bought Sahara Treasure (yup I'm eating my own words, I said I did not pick it up the first time because it did not look interesting enough, hey a lady can change her mind you know ;)) and Black Onyx.

Left to right: Black Onyx and Sahara Treasure

This is a simple weekend look I did.

Monte Carlo

Burberry Fresh Glow primer
Burberry Sheer Foundation
Giorgio Armani Microfil loose powder

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Corail
Burberry Light Glow Blossom
Laura Mercier Rose Rendezvous

Shiseido Shimmering Cream eye shadow in Angel and Mist
MUFE Aqua Liner #6
Stila Sparkle Eye liner Curacao
Chanel Inimitable mascara

Chanel Lip liner Natural
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Monte Carlo

Thanks for looking!


  1. wahh this is the first time i think singpost did a great job haha!...has been a little disappointed with them =(
    the feather one is so pretty,but true abit hard to find the right occasion to use hehe...

  2. Ooh I love the lashes with the green feathers - they're so dramatic! And I'm sorry but I find it very hilarious that you've been receiving so many packages that the post office remembers your unit, haha! I recently purchased the Infallible in Sahara Treasure too, it's really pretty.

  3. Hey Evie, oh dear! Have you lost packages before?
    I will just admire the feather ones and dream of the right occasion to wear them.

  4. Haha, yes i agreed that im flicked minded too!!
    Oh, i have been searching high and low for Loreal Goldmine but i just couldnt find at any wastons or guardian or bhg!! Gg to try sasa..:p

  5. Hey Jennelle, I forgot to warn all of you about picking these up at Guardian. BFF and I found a few remaining ones at Guardian. They looked alright but when we opened them in front of the cashier we found that they were broken inside and there were chunks missing. The ones at Sasa were okay but be sure to get them to open and check first.

  6. I love the Loreal Infallibles, I really want to try other colours but apparently they are only available overseas? :( Don't seem to see them around in Watsons anymore though. What a pity, these should be made permanent so that every lady can enjoy them. Now I definitely can't wait to try out GA ETKs because of the endless comparison between them but I simply can't bear to shell out so much $ for one single shade :(

    I had also encountered shattered infallibles shadows, just use the plastic thingy to push it back into place and it should work just fine.

    Oh and what a beautiful haul, I love the feather-y eyelash - perfect for your dance performances... And Monte Carlo is like a MLBB sahde, very pretty! I love this look of yours in general as it is simple yet elegant:)

  7. Morning prettyseaeagle, Sasa still has Gildmine, Emerald Lame, Black Onyx and Sahara Treasure but that is all. I have not been able to go down town to hunt for these. Prettyseaeagle, you must try at least one GA ETK. I know they are expensive but they are well worth the price. Get it in a colour that you know you will always use like Rock Sand. The textures, colour and staying power is amazing.

    I'm dying to take my lashes out for a test run!

    Thanks for you comment dear! ;)

  8. I must say that our local postal services are way better than USA. I had sent my friends parcel twice via registered post and The USP had lost it and unable to track them at all! It sounded ridiculous as they apparently left parcels on the streets & not getting my friend to sign for them. :S
    The post-woman who is in charge of my area is a very thoughtful and sweet lady. She often brings up the parcels as they couldn’t fit into the post box and brought up the other letters/ stuff too (though they are sent by normal post). :)

    Btw, I had just got L'oreal Infallible in Burning Black- totally gorgeous ruby black. I am going to ask my friend to help cp some other colors exclusive in USA. You should check them out too! :)

  9. Elaine! I just googled Burning Black, it is gorgeous! I wish they would a really bright purple, that would be so nice.
    I am actually pretty happy with our postal service, I think postage is cheap in Singapore and I have yet to encounter problems with them (touch wood!) I have a really nice post office auntie too.

  10. Hey Jacqueline,
    Yup, totally agreed that postal services here is pretty good and affordable.
    I read that Burning Black is a dupe to a GA ETK, hence I just asked my pal to cp it. :P
    I hope they do more pop colors too!


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