Monday, January 16, 2012

Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Bronzer in Daydream Swatches and Review

I need a bronzer as much as I need a root canal but that doesn't stop me from buying another bronzer. For my first Zuneta haul, Edward Bess' Ultra Luminous Bronzer was the first to go in my bag. I checked out two trusted blogs, Delicate Hummingbird and The Beauty Look Book for swatches to decide between Daydream and Dessert Sun ( a darker colour). I decided on Daydream because it looked easier to work with.

Let me say that I'm totally pleased with Zuneta, shipping was fast and the package was well packed and came in great condition.

 When I opened up Daydream for a look, I was totally pleased with the colour. It leans towards a matt pink brown than orange brown. I wished I could give you a better colour representation, I've been to the beach recently and have gotten a little tan so the colours don't show up as well as I liked no matter how heavy I have swatched.

Left to right: Swatched heavily and blended out
I also took out my Sephora bronzer for a comparison, here goes.

Top to bottom: Sephora and Edward Bess

Left to right: Edward Bess and Sephora

 When swatched side by side, you can see that Daydream looks more pink brown where as the Sephora bronzer looks more orange brown. The Sephora version is also darker than Daydream.

Although I see tiny shimmers in the pan, Daydream goes on matt. The formulation of Daydream is finely milled and blends well on my skin. It does not oxidise and lasts me well through the day. It is a forgiving colour that isn't easy to overdo. Just the way I like it. And best of all, its scent is not overpowering or synthetically sweet.

Now while I was googling for images and swatches I realise that my Daydream packaging differs from many of the others. How come? Mine is made in Taiwan, I would love to know whether the round case version is also made in the same place.

Anyone out there knows why this is so? I would love to hear from you. 

To tell the truth, I prefer this casing. It is sleek and slim and makes toting around in my make up pouch a lot easier. One interesting feature I really like is how the cover can be completely pushed back to lie flat, you know how some compacts can't be pushed all the way, makes taking pictures of them a little more difficult.

I have been used to super soft brushes. The ones from Burberry and Chanel have been surprisingly good. This brush here is a little of a let down. It is slightly stiffer. Maybe it was made this way to help in application, I don't know, I would rather use my own.

I got this for cheaper because of the 10% discount. Originally it cost 30 pounds and I bought it for 27 pounds. Again something strange, the round compact is selling for 36 pounds in Zuneta, go figure. 

Daydream works out to be SGD $54.

I like it but I'm still not in love with it yet. It isn't an exciting bronzer per se but I see myself getting a lot of use out of this one because it works on my skin tone. Daydream is suitable for ladies with a fair to medium skin tone. I think Dessert Sun would look great on darker skin tones.

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks


  1. The bronzer is gorgeous! I an just imagine how it gives you a luminous and glowing look. :)

    1. I like its subtlety. It is growing on me ;)

  2. *harr**harr*
    After you posted about your EB haul I went to Zuneta and almost ordered everything, but just almost...I'm so proud of myself! Being able to restrain myself and not clicking on the finalize button was one helluva big thing for me. This past 1,5 months were crazy...I spent like a madman, especially during the holiday....85% of the stuffs hasn't even arrived =)

    1. I know my spending is through the roof especially with all the yummy spring collections out. Girl you have amazing self control.

    2. Sweetie I left a comment on your post did you see it? It is quite difficult to comment on your posts :(

  3. Pretty! I love simple and super classy looking packaging like this. How do you usually apply bronzers? I never wear them cos I have no idea how to apply them! I'm quite fair - NW20ish.

    1. Thanks! That would be awesome!! Can't wait ;) Work's been tiring though not super busy. Still, i'm looking forward to the CNY holidays.

  4. Oh gosh... I love this brand. I have never seen it in person, but I love it all the same. Jacqueline, I think you have the new updated packaging. The round one is the original.

  5. And... because I'm excellent at procrastinating at school work, and because I'm ridiculous... I hunted down the blog post that talked about the differences between Edward Bess's Daydream bronzers:


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