Saturday, January 14, 2012

Drug store False Lash Reviews

I hauled from KKCentrehk recently and thought I would show you how I felt about the two sets of lashes I bought and show you how they looked on me. You can read about my haul here.

Just to let you know I have wide set small eyes. I can't do very long false lashes. What I consider dramatic may be your natural.

I bought these the above lashes but will not review the teal feathered ones yet. There is that one set and I'm reluctant to use them as yet. Sorry!

These are the ES 10 Pairs Top Natural Last Dense Cross Black Eyelash which cost USD $8. 


Trimmed to fit the length of my eyes

I will be comparing these with my HG false lashes from Ardell so you know. The ES brand features stiffer lash bands but they are still flexible enough that application is still easy for me. You will need really tacky glue, so be sure to wait till your glue is tacky before applying this or else you will get flippies at the ends. These lashes felt heavy and I'm constantly aware of their existence. I love how the lashes look though and will probably tolerate these for a special night out. These are what I call drama mama lashes. They give my eyes pow!

These are the COSMOS Five Pairs Bright Series Of False Eyelashes- CN01 USD $14. 

I cut them too short!

See what I mean. I should have kept them a little longer and placed them a little further in. They look kinda weird because they don't blend in with my inner lashes. I tried applying mascara on the inner lashes but it still looks weird.

I blame this more on my application than the false lashes. These have soft lash bands and are much easy to fit along my own lashes. They also feel lightweight and comfortable to wear. These also look more natural and I think I can get away with wearing this during the day without looking OTT? What do you think? I must remember to trim away less.

Anyway I have a confession, I don't ever apply mascara or crimp my lashes with the fake ones. I find that no matter what formula mascara I wear, I end up with panda eyes. 

On the few occasions when I crimped my lashes with my false ones I ended up spoiling the fake ones and having to redo my whole eye make up before going out. Do you face similar problems? 


  1. I've never used false lashes before (what a noob!) but I like the Cosmos, they look more natural because the lashes are of different lengths. I'm sure they would have been wonderful if you hadn't trimmed them too short. The lash bands look really flexible and soft too, they look good for beginners... I feel like I should get them for starters! By the way, I'm having a mini-giveaway on my blog, so do enter it if you're free! :)

  2. Hey Fiona, I followed! I like kite flying too! The Cosmos ones are definitely more naturally and comfortable also easier for newbies to master. If you ever want to try be prepared to waste a few pairs, get yourself good eye lash glue and practice at home beforehand.

  3. With false lashes what I usually do is crimp my lashes and apply mascara on them, then apply the false lashes. I don't crimp and apply mascara on both my natural and false lashes together. Think this might help with the smudging, and I find that it helps the natural and fake lashes blend in better together

    1. Hey Rachel, I tried crimping my lashes and apply mascara first but found it hard to place my false lashes close to my real lashes after that. Anyway I'll try that again, maybe this time it would be better. Thanks girl!

  4. I love seeing false lashes on others real eyes, following you now! ;)

    check out my blog too if you hv time!


    PS my name's jacqueline too ^.^


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