Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Divas and Duds of 2011: Skincare Edition

Heh heh, I have been sidetracked by my wonderful new hauls that I have neglected to write my final divas and duds for skincare.

Actually I shouldn't be calling it a diva and dud post because all skins are not made equal. Something that works for me may not work for you. For your information, I have oily skin and am terribly concerned with sunspots, fine lines and hydration. I am not the youngest girl on the block any more so I look for anti ageing skincare too. I also sleep in an air conditioned room so am very aware that my skin will get dehydrated. So all the skincare products here I picked help me to address my skincare issues.

Basically I find all the items here very useful and effective for me so in my eyes, they are all divas.


This is my third bottle. It is a foaming cleanser, so I shake it really hard to foam it up. One dollop of foam is enough for the entire face. It is effective and gentle on my skin. My face does not have that tight feeling after I wash it. The little niggling irritation I have is the fact that the pump isn't very effective when it comes to the last bits of product. Small issue.


I recently discovered the joys of Chanel skincare a few months back. Me likes the product but not the price.

Eye cream

I am not loyal to eye creams. I have yet to discover one that miraculously erases all signs of ageing. If you know one, please let me know.

Caudalie  is creamy but it melts into my skin upon contact. It is absorbed fast. My eyes look more refreshed after using it but I still see my fine lines. I don't think those will ever disappear as I grow older so its not a biggie for me.


I always come back to Estee Lauder's Advance Night Repair. I don't whether this is true but I hear that using the same product for a long time reduces it efficacy so after I finish a bottle of this, I use something else and come back after. This has kept my face at almost tip top condition. I love it and would recommend this to anyone.


This is my recent Chanel skincare acquisition. I was given samples of moisturiser and simply fell in love with it. It kinda turn me into an addict, every time I hit a Chanel store, I'll ask for samples of this. DH bought this for me at the DFS airport for my birthday present in December. :) This is a luxurious buy. It is a fluid that sinks immediately into my skin. I love how soft it makes my skin feel.

I bought the Clarins Night Cream because I was concerned that my skin was dehydrated. I read many good reviews and that is why I bought it. It is a cream that has a heavier texture than I am used to. So far I am happy with it, my face looks well moisturised in the mornings.

Sunblock/ sunscreen

Never leave home with sun block. It is the best anti ageing cream ever. I love this and have been using this for years. The white fluid blends well into my skin and leaves a matt finish. It does not leave my face with a whitish cast and it works well with all my foundations. 


I have two which I use. I am determined to make my sample of Chanel's Sublimage Masque last as long as I can. I spread a thin layer over my face at night and tissue if off after about 15 minutes. The next day, my face is guaranteed to look more rested and moisturised. 

My every affordable Beauty Diary masks are good for instant results especially for big nights out. The mask is well soaked and always a relaxing joy to use.

Lip Balms

I used my Chanel for before lipstick application and my Vaseline Lip Therapy for all other times. Both work well for keeping my lips soft. I find that the Chanel works better under lip products whereas my Vaseline causes everything put on it to slip and slide.

Secret Weapon 

It is called a Baby Quasar. I have been given this for review purposes and I am currently into my third week of using this. I will have a proper in depth review of this in a few months when I can see its full effects. But at the moment I can say that I like using this.

Well that's my list of divas. What's yours?


  1. Hi Jacqueline, the Chanel mask looks divine:)
    Does it have any fragrance? I am loyal to Shiseido The Skincare Regime, and once in a while I would indulge in the SKII Treatment Essence. I am looking for a simple and hydrating eyecream (an inexpensive one).

    1. Yes Rena it has a slight fragrance but I'm not sure how to describe it. I'm guilty of over indulging so I am not able to recc one sorry!

  2. That secret weapon looks crazy! Like a cross between a Clarisonic and a razor LOL. Looks like you really like Chanel skincare - guess the samples hooked you in :P I tried that EL Night Repair Cream but got red bumps after repeated use (though it was fine for the first few days) unfortunately.. but I gave the rest to my mum, who has skin that can tolerate ANY skincare. Ah.. the joys..

    1. Dang it sucks to have sensitive skin. :< Did your mom like it? My secret weapon is called a Baby Quasar it emits light to heal and stimulate blood flow and circulation.


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