Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Divas and Duds of 2011: The Lips edition

Hi dear readers! My Divas and Duds posts are a list of my favourite and least favourite products for 2011. Some will be recurring ones from last year just because I can't find anything else that can match up to their greatness, many will be products I bought and tried this year.

I am starting off with the lips edition because lipsticks and gloss are my favourite make up products of all time. What is it about a lipstick or gloss that instantly ties the whole make up look together and perks up the face? I think lipstick or lip gloss depending on what you like best is one of the most essential make up items in a woman's arsenal. My mom for example goes with a bare face all the time but the one thing she will never forget to use is her lipstick. What about you?

I would love to hear from you what were your favourite lipsticks and glosses for the year. So do leave a comment so we can start a discussion!

It has been a great year for my lipstick and gloss collection. They have grown from a handful of MAC lipsticks to this. 

I love my Chanel lip products immensely so you see I have a whole rack dedicated to Chanel. I also decided to "expand my horizons" and experiment with other brands to see how they compare with each other and so you see there are a few other brands scattered around.  

I pulled out all the different brands I have at the moment for a little show and tell.

Right to left: Bobbi Brown Lip Crayon and Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

Right to left (1st row): Dior Addict, Lancome L'Absolu Rouge, Urban Decay Lipstick, MAC lipstick, Lancome Colour Design, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, Burberry Lip Cover and Lip Mist (same packaging)

Right to left (2nd row): Guerlain Rouge Automatique, Estee Lauder Pure Color, YSL Rouge Pur Couture, Chanel Rouge Allue Lacque, Chanel Allure and Allure Velvet (same packaging), Chanel Rouge Coco, Shiseido Shimmering Rouge and Dior Rouge Serum

Now on to my little list of divas and duds.

Burberry Lip Cover
The Diva full coverage lipstick goes to Burberry Lip Cover
They are by far the creamiest full coverage lipsticks. They are moisturising and does not cause my lips to peel. Although they only last for a few hours and will not last through a full meal, reapplication is a breeze. It looks like it is freshly applied.

The Diva sheer coverage lipstick goes to Chanel Rouge Coco Shine
They are give a sheer glossy finish and leaves a uniform stain behind. The more you apply, the stain gets a little stronger. They are lightweight and glide on your lips.

Guerlain Rouge Automatique

Chanel Rouge Allure
The Diva lipstick with the most fantabulous packaging is Guerlain Rouge Automatique and Chanel Rouge Allure
I love the fact that with Guerlain Rouge Automatique I can with one hand I get my lipstick out and apply without worrying about losing my cover. Although it doesn't have that luxe heft associated with luxe lipsticks it still feels sturdy in my hands. 
The classy black casing of a Chanel lipstick is to die for. I especially love the click mechanism. Who can say no to the famous gold interlocking Cs?

The Diva Red lipstick goes to Burberry Lip Cover in Brick Red
My definition of a great red lipstick is one that isn't overly glossy, suits my skin tone and can be used as a day to night red lip.

The Diva Pink lipstick goes to Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in L'Elegante
As its name suggests, it is an elegant muted rose pink that matches with all eye looks.

The Diva Coral/Orange lipstick goes to Dior Addict in Fire.
I can't resist juicy orange colours. Its sheerness ensures that you will not get an overly loud orange mouth.

If you noticed, I did not add a nude, plum and brown shade category. That is because I generally don't buy those shades as I feel that I don't look particularly good in them.

I feel that Chanel Rouge Allure Lacques deserves special mention. They are the best liquid lipstick around. It is very sad that Chanel will be discontinuing them. 

The colours are opaque and creamy. They cling onto your lips and gives them a satiny sheen. There aren't many colours available but the ones available are all beautiful. My favourite is Dynastie. 

I'm not much of a lip gloss girl. Lipsticks rule in my books. These are the few measly brands I own.

Right to left: Lancome L’absolu Crème de Brillance, Chanel Extrait De Gloss, Burberry Lip Glow, Lancome Juicy Tube and MAC Dazzleglass

The Diva Lipgloss is Chanel Extrait de Gloss
Extrait de Glosses are not overly sticky. They stay on your lips and give them a beautiful shine.I can't explain it well but once I apply them, they snap into place and stay put for a good 3 hours. They aren't overly sheer but give a good amount of colour. I love how they transform my lipstick shades. 

Dud of the year: Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color
Unfortunately they were duds for me, which is sad because the colors are amazing. I can't abide by how they dried out my lips and were difficult to reapply. They also were very tough to remove. Totally not worth the amount I paid.

Other lip products on my Diva list include

Chanel Hydramax + Active Nutrition Lip Care
It is a pricey extravagance but my lips love it. Since it is pricey I save this for just before I apply my lipstick. I use my drugstore brand Vaseline  lip therapy for home use.

Burberry Beauty Lip Definer Shaping Pencil in Dusty Rose
I love how creamy and how it glides on my lips. Dusty Rose is a great colour under my rose lip colours.

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish
It gets rids of all my flakies and after my lips are super soft and supple. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. The list here is solely my humble opinion, you may disagree with me, that's fine.

For 2012, I hope to find a plum lip colour that will suit me. I also hope to finally buy my first Cle De Peau Extra Rich Lipstick.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Woots! Loving this post. Thanks for sharing all the details and your picks, Jacqueline.

    For me, I am loving Chanel Coco Shine, Allure & Lunasol Liquid Lips.

    If you like something between a gloss and lipstick, do check Lunasol Liquid lips out!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hey Elaine, thanks!So what is your fav Coco Shine and Allure? My fav Coco Shine is Rebelle and Allure is Insolente.
    I goggled out the Lunasol Liquid Lips, very soft and pretty colours. Sweetie do you know how much they cost?

  3. My favorite Coco Shine is Biarritz and Allure is Empire!
    Lunasol Liquid lips is retailing at $46 (IIRC).
    Taka is having 10% off now if you have the Taka card.


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