Friday, January 6, 2012

The Divas and Duds of 2011: All About Cheeks Edition

I follow up my Divas and Duds with my second favourite make-up which is blush. Here is my entire blush collection at the moment.

Aren't they just gorgeous! Where shall I start?

Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh Tint in Poppy
The Diva Cream / Gel blush goes to Le Métier de Beauté 'Creme Fresh' Tint for Lip and Cheek. (Check out Poppy and Coral Nymph)
What do I love about them? Well they are emollient and blend like a dream, they last all day and do not emphasize my pores. They work exceptionally well layered.

The Diva powder blush goes to Chanel's Joues Contraste blush in Espiegle.
Chanel JCs are soft colours that lasts all day. They are buildable colours that cannot be overdone IMHO. Did I mention that they smell heavenly? Of all my JCs, I love Espiegle best. It is the nicest peach blush for my complexion.

The mini Diva powder blush goes to Burberry's Light Glow in Cameo Pink.
If you are a packaging snob like me, you will understand the gorgeousness that is the Burberry gun metal magnetic casing. It is just simple awesome. Cameo Pink is a "you can't go wrong" rose pink shade for me. Burberry Light Glows are more pigmented than Chanel JCs and therefore must be applied with a lighter hand or fluffier blush brush, it is smooth and blends beautiful and lasts well too. What is there not to like?

The dud blush of the year goes to Ellis Faas's blush.
I can't fault them for their excellent customer service nor its product. The blush itself was very pretty, blended well and long lasting. I however have issues with the packaging and how the product is dispensed. My first blush pen could not dispense any product and I was sent another by Ellis Faas. The second literally haemorrhaged because I clicked it too many times and after working well for about two months I could not get any product to dispense any more. I threw it away. Such a pity for something so so expensive.

The Diva liquid highlighter of the year goes to Giorgio Armani's Fluid Sheer in Shimmering Beige.
This bottle of shimmering goodness has lasted me for 2 years. It blends so well and leaves my cheeks with a beautiful glow. This is not a disco ball in a bottle, instead it is a bottle of ethereal glowyness. I also use a drop of this in my foundations for a glowy complexion. I love all my fluid sheers but this is still my favourite.

The Diva powder highlighter of the year goes to Laura Mercier's Rose Rendezvous Face Illuminator.
I'm a late bloomer when it comes to powder highlighters. But 2011 was the year of the beautiful highlighters. Rose Rendezvous takes the cake. It suits my complexion to a T and the bronze rose shade is just lovely.

The Diva bronzer of the year goes to Chanel's Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Corail.
Techincally it isn't a true blue bronzer. The coral shade actually helps to "un-muddify" the bronzer. It gives me a lovely healthy glow without looking like oompa loompa and who does not love Chanel.

I haven't added a contour shade as I have yet to own one. I will definitely rectify that soon.

So what are your favourite cheek products for last year, please share!


  1. Poppy looks stunning! It is l-o-v-e. :)

  2. Great post! Other than Espiegle, I don't own any other on your Diva list! Must correct that soon =P I'm most interested in LMdB.. definitely gonna check that out when I'm in the US!

  3. Omg, you have an enviable collection!!!!!I don't even know where to begin.. haha I love how you have the best of what a brand comes out with, :) Great swatches too! ^_^

  4. Pammy, Poppy is LOVE, I use this all the time.

    Luna, you must try the LMdB they are so nice. If you love coral and peach blushes you must take a look at Burberry Light Glow in Blossom, I think you will love it. ;)

    Rainy Days, :) I'm very very happy with my blush collection, every time I pull my drawer out I give a sigh of contentment. Silly aren't I.

  5. Jacqueline!!! I was about to ask you about blushes :D so glad you did this post!

    My latest blush is Chanel Espielge, but I think I prefer NARS Orgasm as Espielge is very sheer, and whenever I have NARS on, I get compliments even from total strangers. I finished 3 NARS Orgasm so I thought I would try something else.

    I have been using this pretty Shu Uemura Peach that I think it's my staple - P Peach 45, it is like Orgasm but less shimmer and more matte.

    Bobbi Brown Nectar is a pretty muted pink, I get compliments too, I would wear that when I am feeling tired.

    So right now, only 3 blushes at the moment for me :)

    Would like to try creme blush as they look so prett and dewy but not sure if my skin is up for it :(

    Jacqueline, was there a post of you wearing LMDB Poppy?

    What do you think of Chanel Rose Petal, Lisa Eldridge seems to swear by it? And oh, Burberry looks really tempting...

    Thanks Jacqueline!



  6. Morning Rena, I did buy Chanel JC Rose Petale, here is a post about it. It is a very pretty muted rose pink. If you find Espiegle too sheer to your liking, you might also find Rose Petale sheer. By the way, what is your colouring?

    I have NARS Orgasm but I have been neglecting it, I think it is time to show it some love.

    I have a habit of layering my LMDB cream blushes so I have a look I did here. It isn't very obvious though sorry. I have been trying to get good cheek swatches but have not been successful. My acne scars are quite serious and it affects the way my blush swatches turn out. Plus somehow I can never get the colour to show up well unless I am super heavy handed. So you find very few face shots in my FOTDs.

    I hope this helps.

  7. Thanks Jacqueline :)
    I am NC25, MUFE HD 118 (I should go a shade lighter)
    The bright pink look suits you :)
    Thanks for sharing, I am so envious of your blush collection. Keep the Diva and Duds posts coming!

  8. Thanks Rena! Hey you are much lighter in skintone than me, by right Espiegle should show up on you!

  9. Love your Divas and Duds posts! Keep them coming in... =)

    I'm totally envious of you having the LM highlighter. It's a stunner!

    Oh, like Rena, Chanel JC blushes don't show up well on me at all and I'm pretty fair (I'm #4 for Burberry LF). Weird huh?

  10. Hey Nonno, sweetie I love my LM highlighter, this one is a keeper.
    The mystery of the JC blushes. Perhaps it is because I like to apply cream blushes underneath, that is why they show up on me.

  11. I love cheek products.
    Though many of the featured products you are showing, I have not try before. This really helps to provide some insights. :)

    For cheeks, I am liking NARS powder blush in nars Douceur, Oasis and Sin. Illamasqua powder blush impressed me the most, especially the new shimmer blush in Morale and Ambition.

    For drugstore brands, The Balm and Sleek does have nice blushers that is value for money. I would recommend The Balm Frat Boy (I spotted Frat Boy over the weekend at Sasa.. they are finally here.) and Sleek Blush in Rose Gold and Suede.

    This year, I had started the year with a few blush hauls and more to come!
    Anna Sui Rose cheeks & Benefit Hervana are going into my shopping bag! :)


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