Sunday, January 22, 2012

Burberry Spring 2012 Collection at Tangs

I made my way to Burberry at Tangs yesterday to have a look at the Spring 2012 collection. I know I'm kinda late but work has been craazy. The only time I had to myself was on Saturday before the Chinese New Year craziness begins.

The Spring Collection features 1 new eye shadow No. 22 Pale Barley, 4 new lip covers, No. 27 Tulip Pink, No. 28 Devon Sunset, No. 29 Golden Peach and No. 30 Primrose Hill Pink and 2 new lip glosses, No. 13 Hibiscus and No. 14 Nude Rose.

Pale Barley the star of the spring collection.

My favourite lipsticks ever! Lip covers!

Left to right: Pale Barley and Rosewood

Taken under store light. Left to right: Tulip Pink, Golden Peach, Devon Sunset and Primrose Hill Pink

Top to bottom: Nude Rose and Hibiscus

I am very excited by the new Lip Covers especially the peachy and coral ones such as Devon Sunset and Golden Peach because corals have not been in the Lip Cover or Lip Mist line up before. Tulip Pink and Devon Sunset is a little too light for my taste though but I think they will look great on fairer skin tones. 

There is a slight difference between Rosewood and Pale Barley. Pale Barley has golden undertones whereas Rosewood has a slight pinkish undertone. You don't need both so if you have Rosewood, you can safely skip Pale Barley. Pale Barley isn't an exciting shade but I like it nonetheless. 

The lip glosses are just so so for me. Nude Rose looks almost like a transparent gloss to me. Hibiscus looks like a mauve rose to me. I am not a lip gloss fan so these did not make my heart skip a beat.

This is what I picked for myself. Pale Barley, Golden Peach and Primrose Hill Pink.

Pale Barley

Left to right: Primrose Hill Pink and Golden Peach
NaturalNchic makeup has great swatches of the entire collection here. Check her out.

So does anything in the Burberry Spring Collection catch your eye?


  1. i haven't been out shopping in a while! completely out of touch with new releases, but Pale Barley looks awesome! Almost wish i bought singles =P

    ps. I'm gg to be in the US next week.. if u need anything, drop me an email =).. Happy CNY!!

    1. Hey Luna, thanks for the offer, I'll go look around and email you soon! Happy CNY too! Have a good trip.

  2. Primrose Hill Pink caught my eye right away. And the Hibiscus gloss looks equally pretty! :)

    1. Hi Pammy, isn't Primrose Hill Pink pretty? I just had to have it. :)

  3. Thanks for the link Jacqueline. Great picks from the collection! I'm especially week in the knees for Pale Barley. Enjoy your new goodies!

    1. You are welcome Kristie, Pale Barley is gorgeous, I am loving it.


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