Thursday, December 15, 2011

YSL Rouge Pur Couture in No. 17 Rose Dahlia Review and Swatches

(Taken from YSL website)

A new-generation lipstick inspired by Monsieur Saint Laurent’s iconic color palette—red, fuchsia and orange—in a collection of captivating couture shades that offer each complexion a customized look. Enveloped in a luxurious gold case designed by Creative Director Stefano Pilati, Rouge Pur Couture speaks elegance. Lips are saturated with intense, stay-true color, thanks to the Coloreveal Technology while natural extracts provide comforting moisture that lasts all day. Provides medium to full coverage with a radiant, satin finish. SPF 15. 

YSL is another luxury brand which I had my eye on. To feed my lipstick addiction, my intention is to acquire lipsticks from my favourite luxury brands. It was quite difficult for me to decide whether to get the Rouge Volupte, Rouge Volupte Perle or Rouge Pur Couture. From what I have read, I know the Volupte are super creamy and am worried that they would slip and slide and not adhere to my lips. I also did not see a shade that interested me.  In my quest to look for good YSL lipstick swatches, I came upon Make Never Sleeps. She is an excellent resource for luxury lipsticks. Even though her skin tone does not match mine, I can rely on her excellent swatches. Anyway, I came across her review of Rose Dahlia and was very smitten by the colour. It looks like a bright warm peachy rose. It immediately went into my Nordstrom wishlist.

The gold casing is a YSL thing. One thing I like about blockish lipsticks, they are so much more easier to store upright. They don't fall about all over the place unlike MAC bullet shaped lipsticks.

Rouge Pur Couture is creamy and moisturising. It does not slip and slide and adheres well to my lips for a lightweight feel. It is opaque and has a satiny look. After eating and drinking, it leaves behind a uniform stain on the lips that looks quite pretty. After removal, my lips still feel soft and supple. Did I mention it has a SPF of 15?

I love love love the colour. It has hints of coral in it that brings out the warmth. I had a lipstick moment with Rose Dahlia. I wore it out the first time to watch a movie with my cheeky son. While in the bathroom touching up I took a step back and thought wow what great lips. I was so pleased with the colour. 

Rouge Pur Couture is comparable to Chanel Rouge Allures and Guerlain Rouge Automatiques. It is priced at USD$30 which makes it cheaper than both Guerlain and Chanel. It has a total of 28 gorgeous shades.

Karla Sugar also has great arm swatches. Le Fuchsia looks very good too.

Ratings: 5+ lipsticks

So what is your lipstick wishlist?


  1. I love YSL RPCs too but the packaging is an awful fingerprint magnet. Love your lip swatches, they are always so helpful. Totally envious of your stash of designer lippies too :P Have been following your blog for quite some time so was really quite surprised when you left a comment. Thank you so much!

  2. Wow this color looks really flattering! I'm into pink lipsticks with hint of coral at the moment. This looks like a good one to have. Very pricey though, unless you wear it everyday!

  3. Hey prettyeagle! You are the same prettyeagle from cozy cot? I think I've seen you around for quite some time I love your haul pictures! I just recently found your blog and I really love it. You take lovely pictures and you are so pretty! Your fotds are gorgeous. Keep posting please I'll be stalking your blog.

  4. Bun Bun! It is pricey but I love it's formulation, it's creamy and very forgiving on my lips. I bet it will look good on you too. By the way I have another two YSL lippies coming to me by post I can't wait.

  5. Hi Jacqueline!

    Yes Im the same person from Cozycot! A pity I haven't been posting on CC for quite a while now, only lurking recently :P Thanks for your compliments, your blog is a very helpful resource to me:)


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