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Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow EX 06 Usuchaori Palette Swatches and Review

I was very lucky to have a wonderful reader (yes you KS! Thanks girl!) offer to get me stuff from Japan. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Japanese cosmetics although I know they make quality cosmetics and skincare. I think it is because I have this impression that most of the eye palettes cater to fair skinned ladies and are very sheer and glittery. 

I know of Suqqu and have heard many raves about their quality so I decided to try Suqqu. I saw swatches of  the Usuchaori palette and the colours look right up my alley. I love warm colours. 

I just have the say that these eye shadows are of amazing quality. I swatched the matt beige colour first. I was like wow! It is almost creamy in texture. It blends so beautifully and is well-pigmented.

The matt beige shade is a beautiful all over lid shade. I love that they included a matt shade that ties all the colours together. I love the golden champagne shade best. It suits my colouring well. It is not overly glittery instead glows in the sunlight with multi-coloured shimmer. 

Both the champagne and taupe shade have multi-coloured shimmer. The colour scheme goes well together. I am able to use all four shades. Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadows are indeed luxurious and of the highest quality. They blend so well and last all day. Here is a simple eye look I did.

I used the matt beige shade all over my lids as a base. The champagne shade all over my eye socket. The golden champagne shade closer to my lash line. The dark taupe shade on the outer v. And finally my trusty Ardell's 108.

The palette comes in a sleek black casing that has a subtle sprinkling of gold on the top of the palette.

The mini applicators are so cute. The brush applicator has very soft hair. Unfortunately it is just too tiny for me to work with.

It comes in a soft suede like case to hold my precious!

They sell for about 45 pounds on-line at Selfridges UK. I'm not sure if it is cheaper if you buy them in Japan or Bangkok, maybe dear reader you can help me clarify. I did pay about SGD$143 for the whole set including eye cream, eye make up remover and make up pouch.

You can get Suqqu in Japan, UK Selfridges and a few places in Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for the list of locations. 

If you don't mind paying for fantastic quality, I highly recommend Suqqu eye shadows. I did not regret my buy one bit.

There are a total of 7 palettes available.

01 Kakisubata
02 Kokedama
03 Matsukasa
05 Sakurakaba
06 Ginbudou
07 Momorebi
08 Mizuaoi

Here are some great links to swatches. Front Row Beauty, Visionary Beauty and Glossed in Translation. I have my eye on Kakisubata and Ginbudou.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. Thank you for the shout out to me! Sorry I've not been commenting cuz I had some family matters to settle. I'm so happy you like it! I think it looks fantastic on you! :) I enjoyed the shopping experience at the Jap dept stores too! The staff provided absolutely fab service!


  2. Sweetie! Thanks so much for the lobang! I hope everything is all right with you and your family. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself in Japan. Japan is a place I've been wanting to visit.

  3. Even tho I'm a sucker for Jp makeup there are two things I hate about them.
    1) always the same colored palettes. If you've seen 6-7 variations then you've seen everything. It's your taste of brand and price to decide which one to get. They can't come up with anything new. I really feel bad when someone buys every second Ltd palette, just becoz it's matter that the person already has a gazillion of the same grey palette already! It'd be understandable if one was shimmery, another matte, next is frosty, then metallic, etc. But no.
    And here comes my 2) problem: they are all sheer AND shimmery!!!! Even if poor guys at the brand's headquarters decide to put in more pigment for stronger colors, they forget about how that huge load of shimmer makes it look the same >.<

    +1) the applicators! Yes, they are so petite! I prefer to use them, but they always make my fingers messy with e/s....

    PS: sorry for writing so much! ^.^

  4. Dear Anna, I love your honesty so don't worry about what you say. I know what you mean, sometimes the shades just look so similar it doesn't justify buying so many palettes. That being said, I do love a useful and great quality eye palette and this is both for me.

    Sweetie, I read about you settling into Georgia, how is everything!

  5. Luna has left a new comment on your post "Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow EX 06 Usuchaori Palett...":

    Gorgeous! I have Matsukasa which is one of my most beloved neutral palettes, and if Usuchaori is ever available as a single palette, I'll definitely be tempted to get it too!

    I got mine in BKK about a year ago, but I can't rem the exact price. I have a feeling at the current FX rate, UK prices might be the cheapest of the 3 countries..

    Hey Luna thanks for the info. The trouble with approving comments on the iPhone is that the publish and delete button is so close together. My apologies.

  6. Ahh you're killing me with your recent posts! The Suqqu palette is gorgeous. Such elegant and classy packaging and beautiful shades. Btw, I'm going to be heading off for a short trip in Langkawi after my exams end (ONE WEEK MORE!!!) and if you'd like me to help you pick something up from duty free, just holler :) I usually don't buy much/anything from duty free cos the variety just astounds me (silly but true) and I'm terrible at making decisions under pressure hahaha so lots of room for your stuff ;)

  7. Rachel I hope you will have a great holiday, you deserve it! For me DFS is the best part of the trip but I have such a hard time deciding what to buy. I spend so much time that the SA there must think I'm nuts. As much as I love all the lovely travel sets I don't ever pick them up, silly right? Thanks for the offer girl! My DH just flew off to NZ last night so I got him to buy what I need.

  8. Hey Sophia, thanks for leaving me a comment! I'm honoured! This is my current favourite neutral palette with a shimmery kick.

  9. You are so lucky to have a friend to get this for you from Japan! I have been wanting this Christmas Set so much, but it is completely sold out online.

    The colors are so up my alley too! Thank you for your swatches!

  10. Jess, thanks for your comment! I am very lucky to have friends who can help me to get make up. Perhaps the set will come back soon, I hope you will be able to get yours. It is a great set to own.

  11. Hi Jacqueline, I was wondering if you or your lovely readers know how much the Suqqu creamy lipsticks cost in Thailand? I live in Australia and it's obviously not available here. However my brother and his gf recently went to Bangkok and so I asked them to get the no.18 (the highly-raved about red) for me. My brother didn't want money back for it, but he said it cost about AU$69. I was wondering if they got ripped off by the sales assistant because I wasn't expecting it to be more than $40. Thanks.

    1. Oh wow AUD$69 sounds very exorbitant. I am not sure of Thai prices but I checked that they were selling for 27 pounds at the Dollyleo website. So it should be around the price of AUD $40 instead of AUD $69. I will ask around and hopefully I will get a definite answer for you. Honestly that is way too much to pay for a lipstick.

    2. Thanks Jacqueline. I too saw that price at Dollyleo, $55 at most with postage, and was thinking (and hoping) that maybe it would be cheaper in Thailand. Not to be apparently :(. I felt really bad to make my brother spend that kind of money on one lipstick. It's a gorgeous red though, and I can't wait to wear it.

    3. HI Elaine,

      I was curious about the SUQQU prices in Thailand, so just did a quick search, apparently they cost THB2,400 in Thailand, which is slightly over S$100! OMG. That's really expensive! Is this what you got?

  12. That is freaking expensive!!! Well I rather order online than buy at BKK, the mark up is ridiculous!

    1. Thanks Jacqueline and KS for your replies. It's that Suqqu creamy lipstick but in no. 18 Karakurenai. To be fair, it says on the box that it cost 5000 JPY which is about AU$61. I read somewhere for reasons unknown, it Suqqu cost less in the UK. It's a great lipstick, in terms of texture and color pigments. Very good for drier lips as it acts like a lip moisturizer. However I made the wrong color choice with the stark bright red. I have prominent lips and the red makes me look wayang-ish, if you know what I mean. I never ever wear red lip colors because I've never found the shade that suits me. Suqqu no.18 most definitely doesn't suit me. Sigh, another white elephant in my makeup drawer.

    2. Apologies. The one I have is the creamy glow lipstick, which follows the creamy lipstick since the latter has since been discontinued. I think the price is the same, I.e. 5000 JPY. I will also consider buying Suqqu products online in future.

    3. Elaine, nothing sucks more than picking the wrong shade especially when it is expensive. Sorry that Karakurenai did not work out for you. Reds can be tricky!


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