Monday, December 19, 2011

Staycation at Capella Sentosa again!

My family was not able to go overseas this time round for a vacation because DH could not take a long leave so we decided to chill in Sentosa yet again. Have I ever told you how much I love Sentosa? We've have been going there even before DS was born. I love how the place makes me feel relaxed. We loved our first Capella trip so much that we decided to go there again.

We booked the garden villa again and checked in on a Sunday afternoon and as usual we got a buggy ride to our villa.

I love the little touches to make us feel welcome. A little robe just for DS, he absolutely loved it.

Our living room space

The bedroom area

The bathroom area
Isn't the place huge?

DS by the pool

DS's robot heroes in an epic battle for pool side supremacy

On Monday morning, we walked down to our favourite restaurant at Sentosa, Coastes for a late breakfast. It was so quiet and peaceful.

My favourite breakfast, eggs benedict!

DS's handprint

Left to right: DH, DS and mine

We bought DS a plastic shovel from Seven Eleven and he was busy digging away.

The sand castle we made together

On the way back, we spotted some cool sand creations near the food court.

We had dinner at Knolls the restaurant in Capella. I love the churros, what can I say, I'm a girl with a sweet tooth.

Obligatory photo by a Christmas tree

I had a great time and I hope everyone will have one too. Have a restful Christmas!


  1. Ooh, looks like such a great place and that you had a wonderful time! I love the sandcastles!

  2. "DS's robot heroes in an epic battle for pool side supremacy" had me laughing.

    It reminded me of childhood games with my brother. :)

  3. Since I liked your photos on FB I'm not gonna say anything else, but WOW =D

    BTW, I wanted to ask this for a while, when you order from brands/sites that won't ship worldwide, you use parcel forwarding services, right? But you also order from places that doesn't accept non-US credit cards, am I right? Then the only option is the concierge service plus parcel-forwarding.
    Wah, this sucks big time, coz I wanted to buy some things from Lancome (of course the US site, coz Ebates has 14% cashback for their site)but they only accept selected non-US cards (like UK, etc.)
    Arrgh concierge is just too pricey to use on every second online store (I can tell them to use this of that codes, for freebies, but cashback is out of the question) ;_;
    Anyway, I'M wary about this mail-forwarding thing (especially the repacking of several packages) do I know they won't steal from me, etc.
    Please, share your experiences and tips, also which sites do you recommend? (I'm planning to use USAbox's concierge service to get the new Sony PRS-T1 e-reader and some accessories and I don't want to loose my money >.<)

  4. Hey Anna, I mostly ship through Singpost, my local forwarding service which has locations in US, UK, Japan and China so I usually send my US items to my Singpost address in the US. They have served me well, I have never lost packages or had them damaged before. They are more expensive as compared to other freight forwarding companies but I rather pay a little more for peace of mind.

    I used to be able to buy direct from Lancome website and even Urban Decay but since they stopped accepting non US credit cards I had to find other places. I usually order from either Nordstrom or Amazon but unfortunately do not enjoy their F&F events. Sometimes if I'm really lucky I get contacts who are willing to buy for me and send it out, then I pay for shipping and my items.
    When I'm trying out a new service or buying items from a new website, I always buy something of smaller value just in case anything turns out bad. I hope this helps.

  5. Looking fantabulous for a mother! Totally envious of your staycation - especially the very enticing breakfast :)


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