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Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush Review

Image taken from Nordstrom website
(Information from Nordstrom website)

Finally, a foundation brush for use with all formulations—liquid, cream or powder. Shiseido's innovative technology combines with traditional Japanese brush-making techniques to create the perfect foundation finish. Excellent pick-up of all types of formulas for a uniform application and impeccable finish. Gently tapered strands create an angled slant that best allows bristles to reach all facial contours. Short handle allows for precise control during application and portability for travel.

I am pretty late in the game about this little brush, I read great reviews about it from many beauty bloggers and thought I would give it a go. Cafe Makeup and The  Make-up Blogette have very detailed reviews. You can also find out more about the brush at Joey's Space.

When I finally decided to get it, it was quite hard to find. I went to many Shiseido counters before snatching up the last piece at Clementi BHG. Lucky me. I'm quite surprised that it cost SGD$40. Shiseido never fails to bring great products at great prices. It may not be the cheapest foundation brush around but it is so much cheaper than some of the big named ones.

Before I continue, I have to come out and say that I love it so much! Okay let's continue.

Top to bottom: MAC, Giorgio Armani and Shiseido

It is a small little brush. It is even shorter than my GA Blender brush. It is about 11 cm long and has a brush head of a diameter of 2 cm.

It has a slanted head which helps me get into the hard to reach areas like my nose area.

Why do I love it so much? Well it works really well with my Make Up For Ever High Definition Foundation. I have been using my MUFE foundation with a damp sponge because I prefer a lighter and sheerer look. When I use my GA brush, it just doesn't apply as well. Although it did not leave streaks on my face, it just felt heavier and less polished as compared to using a damp sponge. This brush is perfect for the job. I get a very smooth finish and better coverage and best of all it did not feel heavy.

Before buying it, I did a little research to find out the best was to apply liquid foundation with this brush. Check this out.

Now, I'm going to show you how I apply foundation with this brush.

Clean face with Giorgio Armani Fluid Master primer on. See the acne scars and sun spots!
Half a pump of MUFE foundation on the back of my hand

Dab foundation on cheek area
Using a dabbing motion, I blend foundation onto skin. If I want more coverage, I dab a little harder. Even though the bristles are synthetic, they do not feel prickly at all. They feel soft and is a pleasure to use.

With foundation blended in
I use a sweeping motion to blend the foundation around my nose area, my hair line and the sides of my chin.

My finished look
I have tried this with all my other liquid foundations with great results. With my Burberry and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, it gave slightly better coverage as compared to using my fingers without being cakey. 

I haven't use this with powder foundation though. I prefer liquid foundations so I can't tell you whether it works just as well with powder.

Washing is a breeze, I have washed it twice in two weeks without missing any bristles. I squirt some of  my trusty Daiso sponge detergent and mix it with water into a small shot glass. I make sure the water level does not reach the ferrule of the brush. Water should not reach the ferrule or else over time, it may loosen the glue that holds the bristles together. 

Once my brush goes it, I can see that the water immediately changes colour. After swishing it around for a while I take it out and give it a rinse, always holding the brush downwards and the ferrule away from the water. See, good as new!

In between deep cleansing, you can spray your favourite make-up cleanser onto a cotton pad and move the brush back and forth to get rid of the foundation. Don't wait too long to wash your brush though, a foundation brush that has foundation still in its bristles is a breeding ground for all sorts of stuff especially in Singapore's humid weather. It is always important to practice good hygiene when it comes to make-up.

Hakuhodo G5552 Powder and Liquid Brush
I was actually contemplating getting the above Hakuhodo brush which cost USD$42. It is the cheapest  among the range and is made of goat and synthetic hair. I don't think I need it, now that I found this very useful and affordable brush. The Shiseido brush totally deserves the name Perfect Foundation Brush. It is the perfect one for me.

Ratings: 5 lipsticks


  1. That brush reminds me of a flat top brush, only it is slanted. But it looks really cute. I'm glad that it did not fail you after your search for it. :) Happy New Year!

  2. Hey Pammy, it is a great foundation brush indeed. Happy New Year too!

  3. such a weird shape! =)
    my very first foundation brush was a maquillage one (pure synthetic and so small), pink...changed my life...don't want to think of sponges anymore :)
    Shiseido know how to tempt...:)

  4. Happy New Year Jacqueline!
    ive been wanting to get a foundation brush but i find them being streaky... now i think i want to get this brush! thanks so much jacqueline for the review :D
    i trust your judgement (and because of your review, i got the MUFE HD foundation!)
    also, have you tried any new foundations lately?

  5. Rena thank you for your motivating comment, I'm so glad you found my post useful. I hope you will find the Shiseido brush just as useful. So how are you liking the MUFE foundation? I simply love it for special occasions when I know I'll be taking pictures. The latest foundation I've acquired is the Burberry foundation. I've stopped looking at foundations for the time being because I simply have too many, so I'm telling myself to at least finish a bottle before buying something new. I hope you will be able to find the brush, it is quite popular. Tell me how it works for you k? I'm interested to know your thoughts about it. Btw Happy New Year!

  6. Hi Jacqueline, thanks for replying :)

    My skin is currently very dehydrated (I switched to an oil-free moisturiser for a month, A BIG MISTAKE - causing some dryness and breakouts) so currently I am not using my MUFE HD. I am using Shu Uemura Face Architect liquid foundation so the coverage is lighter.

    You probably have posted an entry about concealers, may I ask again which one do you use for acne scars?

    Will definitely get the brush next month (when I am back in Kuala Lumpur!) and I will let you know.

    Thanks so much Jacqueline! x

  7. Hey Rena, I gave up trying to cover acne scars! I have too many acne scars around my cheeks. I've come to realise it will always be there no matter how I try to cover it. Besides I hate heavy and mask-like foundation. Instead I aim more towards evening my skin tone.
    The current concealer that I like using is the Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch. I use it mainly for under eyes, around my nose and to define my lip area.

    Rena, I hope your skin problem will settle soon. Drink more water, it helps!

  8. Thanks Jacqueline for your kind words :) and answering my questions!

  9. Hi Jacqueline, great review!
    I didn't buy this brush when I was in Singapore, now I want it even more :) Do you know where I can get this brush?

  10. Hi Jacqueline! Do you think this brush is too small? I've got a similar one from MakeupShow that is pretty similar and I find it too stiff to work with and very hard to apply foundation with it. Thinking of trying out this Shiseido one but Im worried it will perform badly too. It works beautifully on you though!

  11. Hey Monica you may be able to get this at Nordstrom but let me check around. I can do a cp for you but I need to check if it is still available in stores.

    Hi prettyeagle, this is my first brush of this sort do have nothing to compare. I find it the right size and it is not stiff. I'm not sure how you feel about it but I've seen the shiseido SA try the brush on their customers. Maybe you could get them to try it out on you to see if it works for you.

  12. Hi Jac! Sure thing, I will try to check this out before I get it, but as of now, I am VERY VERY interested. $40 is a great price for a well made high quality brush like this :)

  13. Hi Jacqueline, I've just asked my cousin to check for me in Singapore and she said it was sold out islandwide :( Can Nordstrom ship to sg? They won't ship this item to Sydney.

  14. Monica, when I order from Nordstrom I order and use my vpost account so it is shipped to a US address, then sent to me. Does your cousin have a vpost account?

  15. I don't think she has it, but my other cousin has it :) hope the shipping won't be too expensive. Thanks Jacqueline!

  16. Hey Monica, I usually pay between SGD $20 to $30 for my items depending on the weight. It will be cheaper to buy a few items and consolidate.

  17. Hey there, how do you know that it's synthetic? Couldn't find it on the shiseido site.

    1. Hi Anon, if I'm not mistaken it was on the box but I threw it away do can't be sure. I did check a few blogs namely The Pink Suth and My Woman Stuff, they also mentioned that it is synthetic. I hope this helps.


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