Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sephora Bronzing Powder in Medium 2 Swatches and Review

This belongs to my "What the hell was I thinking?" batch of regrettable buys. I'm trying to think why I picked this up. Oh yes, I wanted a contour blush and I was wandering around Sephora at Great World with a $40 voucher in hand. (My peeve about the $40 voucher than Sephora gives away is that they kinda restrict the types of brands you can buy from.) I was walking around the shop a couple of times wondering what to get. I asked the SA there and she directed my attention to this.

Call me a make up snob but I rarely buy the Sephora brand. She tried it on and I decided to get it without much thought.

As I opened it up at home for inspection, I'm hit by a sickening sweet synthetic smell from the bronzer and I think to myself why the hell didn't I notice it before. Ah yes! I was totally distracted by my DS wondering around and dancing to the loud techno music in the store.

It is huge, with 9g of product. It comes in a black plastic casing that is sturdy.

It is a matt brown with hints of orange. 

Left to right: Sephora bronzer No. 2, Nars Laguna, MAC Sunbasque, Korres Natural and Chanel Corail bronzer (the dark brown, brown and beige mixed together)

The Sephora bronzer suits my NC30 to 35 skin tone quite nicely so long as I don't overdo it or else hello oompa loompa!. I like that it is a matt shade but I can't abide by the smell. I'm generally okay with scents. I love my Burberry scent and many people have mentioned that it is quite strong. This is very strong and somewhat unpleasant. I'm glad it dissipates quickly though. At SGD$25 it is quite ant affordable bronzer with plenty of product, that is if you can make the colour work for you and you don't mind sickly sweet smells. It is unfortunately not my cup of tea.

Ratings: 1+ lipstick


  1. I bought a Sephora bronzer with my $40 voucher too!
    Big mistake. Sadly, I made an even bigger mistake - I took the one with shimmers! I looked dirty AND shimmery, at the same time...

  2. it looks great..dark and matte but i avoid perfumed products because my skin is very sensitive to perfumed skin products.

  3. Joan: Doesn't it just suck when you end up with a makeup dud, you can try passing it to a darker toned friend, it might work on her.

    Benish: Does that mean that you can't use many products? So what kinds of blush do you use?

  4. Sad to hear it doesn't work out for you :( I'm familiar with that sinking feeling when you come home and have a rude shock when you use a new item and you wonder what you were thinking.. it must be hard shopping with your DS though! I would recommend Sephora brushes next time you have one of these vouchers. I've felt them before and some of them (esp the pro range) feel very nice and have good reviews on MUA too. I gotta say the Sephora bronzer pan is huge though!

  5. Hey Rachel, it is super hard to shop with DS because he is super distracting. DH usually brings him somewhere else so I can have a little peace and quiet or I go shopping by myself.

    I do like the Sephora brushes, I have one which I use for concealers and it does the job perfectly.

  6. Haha my brother was exactly like that. Actually.. still is (and he's 18). Men! Boys!

  7. I'm not too fond of their in-house products too. I did like the smoothing primer though, but their nail polishes are often a hit-and-miss for me.

    Have you tried NYC bronzer? It's only available in 1 shade but it blends really well into my skin. I also love Revlon's mineral bronzer. oh, they are both unscented *wink*

  8. Hey Joyce, thanks for your comment:) I just checked out the reviews of the NYC bronzer you mentioned, btw may I know your skin tone? I'm between a NC 30 to 35. I don't mind scents per se, just sickly sweet synthetic ones. Thanks for your recommendation.

  9. Hey Jacqueline, I'm between NC25-30. Lightly-scented stuff rarely bother me, although the Burberry gloss is starting to get on my nerves...


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