Friday, December 23, 2011

L'oreal La Couleur Infallible Eye shadow in 027 Goldmine and 022 Emerald Lame Swatches and Review

I saw these at Sasa and swatched them. Under the store lights they twinkled so prettily that I had to pick them up. There were a total of 4 shades available when I saw them. There was Sahara Treasure and Black Onyx. They didn't look exciting enough for me to pick them up though.

I paid SGD $14.90 each for them. I could probably get them cheaper somewhere else but when I popped by Guardian I saw even fewer shades.

These come in a plastic pot and has a seal which tells you when they were made. It has a plastic cap very much like the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill eye shadows.

Isn't the gold just pretty? It is a light champagne gold with more yellow.

The green looked like a dark green gold under store lights. Under sunlight, it looks like a dark khaki green with bits of gold.

I made two eye looks with these. I used my Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer to make sure the shadow stayed put. 

I wished I could take pictures of this under sunlight, the light would bring out the sparkles better. After applying my eye shadow it started raining. This is the best light I could get. For this eye, I used an eye shadow brush to pat Goldmine on the inner corners of the eye and Emerald Lame on the outer corners in. There was a little fall out. I found the colours a little murky. My conclusion is that I should not use a brush to apply these shadows.

For this eye, I used my finger and dabbed Emerald Lame all over my lids to just past my crease. I dabbed a little Goldmine on the inner corners. I still find that Emerald Lame looks a little murky on my lids. The beautiful green gold did not look as on my eye lid as it did on my arm.

I was quite determined to make Emerald Lame work for me. Bun Bun Make-up Tips did a beautiful look with Emerald Lame that I wanted so badly to copy. This time around I used a random sponge tip applicator to apply Emerald Lame on my lids up to my crease. This time, the full intensity of Emerald Lame came through. I then added a little Smog from my Naked Palette as a contour. I am happier with this application method as Emerald Lame applied better and looked better on my lids.

Pardon the gunk in the inner corners of my eye. I took pictures after seven hours of wear. Notice that the colour stays intense. It creased up a little on my inner corners though.

So how does this compare with Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill eye shadows?

Both are loose eye shadow that have been pressed and compacted into a tub. They both have little plastic stoppers.

GA ETK in my opinion feels creamier and applies well both as a gentle wash of colour with a brush and as an intense shade with fingers. With L'oreal Infallible I feel that sponge applicators are the best at translating the colours onto lids. I can easily blend my ETKs together to get a great looking eye look but with Infallible blending both Goldmine and Emerald Lame gave me murky and dull colours. (It could also be my choice of colours that caused my eye look to look like that) I think it is best to apply Infallible as a single eye colour or use pressed eye shadow for a combination of colours.

Infallible wear well. It was only after the sixth hour that the inner corner of my eyes creased, other than that, the colours stayed put. It survived a bath of saline water but not a serious rub. 

Call me a snob but I prefer my ETKs to Infallible. I like the ETK colour range better and the fact that they blend well together. That being said, for its price range and quality Infallible is pretty damn good. They are definitely great for your wallet and won't leave a dent in it should you decide to get all of them.

I understand that we may not have the same colours as our US counterparts. There are 14 shades available listed on their UK website but only 12 shades available in the US website. They also have different names. I'm confused! Well if I ever come across a dark blue or purple shade I'll definitely buy it.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. I think loreal did well this time. Btw, there are 5 shades available @ wastons taka.

  2. I have the same Infaillibles. :) I have yet to wear them together (although that was why I picked these 2 colours) but I paired Emerald Lame with Etk #8 yesterday and I loved the look! But it's a subtle look that does not bring out the strong green gold of Emerald Lame.

    Btw, what brush did you use to apply the Infaillibles?

  3. I LOVE this product!
    I have flashback silver ( here's my post about it) and I can't wait to buy more!!

  4. Jenelle: Thanks for the info, so did you get yourself any? If I'm not wrong Sahara Treasure and Black Onyx is two of the other shades available. Which one did I miss out?

    Nonno: Great minds think alike, I have yet to put both of them together in a look that I am satisfied with. ETK #8 Champagne is a gorgeous colour! I want!!! :)

    Drama: I like the look of Flashback Silver, very nice. Now if we can only get this in Singapore.

  5. Jacq, the 5th colour is Bronze Goddess. :) Yes, EtK #8 is a lovely and very versatile colour. Am liking it very much. ;)

  6. Thanks for the detailed review! I saw them in a magazine and thought they looked like a good dupe of ETKs and was wondering why I haven't seen any reviews of it online yet. I like the gold Infallible, it looks really pretty! I think it's only available at selected places though, haven't seen it at my neighbourhood Watsons. :(

  7. Thanks so much for saying that dear! :D Emerald Lame rocks, doesn't it? I now also use a sponge applicator to apply the Infallibles because they pick up and spread product easier.

    1. Hi Bun Bun, thanks for stopping by. Your make up skills rock!


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