Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lancome Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover

(Taken from Lancome website)

This award-winning phenomenon gently whisks away all types of eye makeup, even waterproof. Simply shake to activate the bi-phase formula that leaves the eye area perfectly clean. The lipid phase lifts off eye makeup, while the water phase contains special emollients to refresh and condition skin without a greasy residue.

Lifts off all types of eye makeup, even waterproof mascara, while conditioning the skin. Leaves eyes feeling cool and refreshed, with no oily residue. No wonder there’s a cult following.4.2 Fl. Oz. (125g): $26.00OPHTHALMOLOGIST -TESTED FOR SAFETYIdeal for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.

I received a sample of Bi-Facil along with other samples during a Lancome blogger's event quite some time back. I've been meaning to write a review about it. Anyway, I liked it so much I bought a regular sized version.

I have a few favourite make up removers. Clinique's Take The Day Off Makeup Remover and Maybelline's Makeup Remover Eye and Lip. I even did a face off between the both of them. I decided I wouldn't spend so much on makeup removers.

I love bi-phase formulas because I use a lot of water proof make up.  They are a real pain to remove and bi-phase formulas are the only ones that will remove them cleanly.

I was having trouble removing MUFE Aqua Liners with Maybelline's Makeup Remover. I couldn't get rid of the Aqua Liners from my lids. When I did, my lids were red. When I tried Lancome's Bi-Facil, it did a wonderful job of removing every bit of Aqua Liner without causing any redness. It did not leave an oily film on my lids when I used it on my lids.

The bottle has a wide opening. I find the hole a little too wide. Because of it, my cotton pads tend to get over saturated which causes a lot of wastage.

Unfortunately, I do not have Clinique to compare so I can't comment on whether which is better. Both have the same amount but Lancome costs USD $26, SGD $40 whereas Clinique costs USD $18, SGD $39 (what's up with that???)

Ratings: 3+ lipsticks

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  1. Wow this is great! Thanks for posting, I am actually seeking for a good make up remover like this.


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