Monday, December 26, 2011

Kate Gel Eye Liner BK-1 Swatches and Reviews

I have issues with my gel iners. If you have read my previous post about them, you would know that I have issues of them drying out. I have had my Maybelline gel liner for 7 months and it has dried out. Bummer!

I read about Kate Gel Eye Liners through Bun Bun Makeup Tips. Bun Bun raved about it and I thought I would give it a go. What is there to lose?

Kaye Gel Eye Liner cost about SGD$17.

In case you wanted to know what was inside the gel liner, please check out the pictures above.

I love nothing that soft and creamy gel liners. They are such a joy to work with.

Kate Gel Eye Liner is much smaller than the MAC Fluidline and Maybelline Gel Eye Liner.  I like that it is small. I don't have to worry that I can't use it up. Look at the sorry state of the rest of my gel eye liners!

Left to right: Kate, Maybelline, Stila and MAC
As you can see, my Maybelline which I owned for about 7 months does not apply smoothly any more. After this swatch, I promptly threw it away. My Stila which I bought eons ago still looks okay but not my MAC.

After dousing with saline solution
I gave all my liners a vigorous rub, the tops of the Kate and Maybelline swatch smudged because they did not completely dry down.

This is how the swatches looked like after I doused all of them with saline solution and giving them another rub.

This is what they look like after another dousing of water and a vigorous rub.

Anyway, Kate Gel Eye Liner still smudges on me after 8 hours of wear. My MUFE Aqua Liner is still my best bet.

The Kate Gel Eye Liner is a okay gel liner. If you don't have any waterproof or oily lid issues, this will be a great eye liner for you. I like that it is cheaper and in a smaller pot. I will let you know if it dries out easily. That is my biggest peeve. 

I also like that they are removed easily with my Maybelline eye make up remover. Although it is creamy, I feel that I can't draw a smooth line easily on my lid as well as Maybelline or MAC. Perhaps it is my technique or brush. 

Kate Gel Eye Liner only

With Lorac Front of the line liquid liner on top
I'm downgrading my Maybelline Gel Liner ratings to 2+ lipsticks. They are wonderful when they are creamy and wet but after they dry out, you can't work with them any more.

Ratings: 3 lipsticks


  1. I've never gotten the hang of gel liners somehow.. I think my brush skills are just too bad! Since I don't like very obvious liner, I guess it works out ;) You should keep the MAC one for B2M when it dries out! I'm not sure if you can revive it with anything but even if you can't, it looks like it has seen much use :)

  2. Hey Rachel, I have tried many ways to revive my Blacktrack with some success. I find that heating them with a hair dryer keeps them soft for a while longer. I use to suck at lining eyes with a brush, it really takes a lot of practice, now I can't live without lining my eyes.

  3. This Kate one was my first gel liner and I love(d) it! Such a great value!^^
    However, after...maybe a year...or less, I'm not sure, it started to dry out (even tho I made sure to close it tightly every time)...It's totally unusable now, half-dried flakes are no good for application. I should throw it away, but I can't get myself to do it. It's like an antique treasure XDDD

  4. Anna, try heating it with a hair dryer, it might work.

  5. Do you know if this gel liner is safe for the waterline?

  6. Morning BooBooNinja, I'm not sure. I'll find out and let you know soon.

  7. BooBooNinja, I've tried it on my water line today. After about 10 minutes there was slight irritation on my right eye (like there was something inside) but I'm not sure if it was the eye liner's fault. I cleaned up a bit. There was no irritation after that. It also did not stay there for long. By mid morning they were smudging on the outer corner of my eyes and by the end of the day, the dreaded panda eyes.

  8. Jacqueline, you're amazing for doing testing the eyeliner for me! I think I might try to order this online anyway (but avoid use on the waterline). I've shied away from purchasing gel liners because they dry out so quickly. However, you've changed my mind with your review. :) Do you know of any reputable sites that ship to North America?

    Also, do you have any tips for preventing eyeliner on the upper waterline from transferring onto the bottom waterline? To make my eyes look bigger I think I'm going to start lining my bottom waterline with a nude pencil and line my bottom lashline.

  9. BooBoo, I gave up lining my bottom water line, they disappear just as quickly!


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