Thursday, December 8, 2011

Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch

Image taken from Giorgio Armani website
(Information taken from Giorgio Armani website)

A high precision concealer which blurs imperfections, treats dark circles, and highlights the complexion. Contains light reflecting pearls, which diffuse light for radiant skin. Vitamin E and moisturizers pamper the delicate eye area. High definition applicator. All skin types.

  • conceals imperfections and blurs dark circles
  • adds radiance
  • rich, moisturizing formula
  • high-definition applicator

application techniques: Use the precise applicator brush to brighten eye area, and add radiance alongside the nose and mouth.

Comes in three shades

Fair - 2 Ivory
Medium - 3 Pale Peach
Dark - 3.5 Light Sand

I have always been a big Giorgio Armani fan. After buying my first bottle of Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV foundation which I started using in 2009, I never looked back.

Giorgio Armani has been producing consistently great products and even though I have to pay an arm and a leg for them, I gladly would.

My trusty MAC Select Cover Up in NC 35 has not been working well for my under eye area. I notice that it is a little too dry lately and it emphasizes my fine lines. Since my girlfriend was going to Hong Kong I got her to bring back the High Precision Retouch.

I always do my homework, so I went to Make Up Alley to check on the reviews. High Precision Retouch has good ones! There weren't any reliable swatches of it on the Internet so I decided to cross my fingers and get 3.5 Light Sand.

It is a tiny little thing with only about 4.4 ml in it. It costs USD$36. It comes with a very fine brush applicator. I like the fine brush, it is firm and gets the product where you want it to go.

I hate how the product ends up on the outside of the tube though. It is gross, I have to use a tissue paper to wipe it off. Then I think about how much the product costs and I cringe a little.

Here is a side by side comparison of it and MAC Select Cover UP in NC 35. You can see that the shade 3.5 called Dark is a misnomer. I don't think darker than NC 35 ladies will be able to pull it off. MAC is definitely darker and more yellow toned. I worry that it might look too stark under my eyes but it is not. It is light and creamy and blends very well. It stays on the whole day without creasing or caking on me. 

Left to right: Giorgio Armani and MAC

This is how my eye area sans make up look like. I don't have much dark circle issues, mostly plenty of sun spots so I don't see a lot of coverage.

Because you need very little, the fine tipped brush is just perfect. I draw a few lines under by eyes and using my Sephora brush, I gently blend the High Precision Retouch under my eyes. My under eye area looks brighter and more refreshed. Best part, it still matches my skin tone.

I still use my MAC Select Cover Up for my lip area. I'm saving the GA mainly for under my eyes. I don't own many concealers so can't compare it with the others. For me it is a great product which I will buy again when mine runs out. I hate how expensive it is and how little there is but you honestly don't need a lot for great coverage.

Ratings: 4 lipsticks


  1. It's pretty brightening :) I've never used the Cover Up Select from MAC so I can't compare it with anything :p The GA looks very luxurious, but highly expensive!

  2. I totally agree Latte! I just really hate the way product wells up around the rims totally ew!

  3. Do you know how much does it cost in HK? My hb is going to HK and probably asking him to get some GA products..heheh..

  4. Jenelle, be sure to ask your DH to pick up some Eyes To Kill eyeshadow you will not regret it! Oh dear I don't know the price in HKD but I did a currency conversion from USD to HKD so about 280 HKD??? Don't scold me if I'm wrong ok I'm known to make mistakes!

  5. Yes, Def trying out 1-2 ETK eyeshadow. No worries on the price.. Still deciding though as what you mention that so much product is on the outside of the tube *heart pains*

  6. I have actually considered to get this concealer too when I picked up the Designer Lift Foundation last time, but for some reason I didn't...

    Now, after reading your review, I definitely want to go back to get my hands on it! I can totally see how even and brighter your skin looks when having this concealer applied.

  7. Hi Jess, buy it, you won't regret it. I love how creamy this is and how well it blends out. GA products always exceeds my expectations.


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